work it out

I am fairly new, well, by about five years I guess, in the workout wardrobe area. It is something that can quickly take over a closet, and drawers, as one adds workout gear by season into the mix, together with spinning shoes, running gear, gym bags, headgear, iPod attachments, yoga mats, hand weights--wow, why am I not more goddess like with all this stuff in my life! I started with one pair of Champion black workout pants purchased from Target and over time have turned into a complete Lululemon addict. I justify this by the fact that I do, in fact, work out frequently (and don't wear it all day long most of the time......see previous blog) and the Target pants from long ago are long gone.
Its true, you don't have to spend a ton to get healthy--just get outside and get moving--although the most important thing you do is to get the right footgear. I am no expert in this area, but after hitting the gym in completely ancient shoes I developed major knee problems, which disappeared when I replace them with a new pair. Case and point for me!
My husband embarked on a new healthy path just about a year ago and has lost 40 lbs and counting. He is dedicated and his success has made me very proud. I am also secretly (or maybe not so secretly since I am blogging abut this online) frustrated and maybe a bit envious of his results since I have been hard at this for a few years now and I think if the only way I am gong to lose 40 lbs is to lose a limb. Well, fortunately I don't have that amount haunting me anyhow, and I am happy for a healthy spouse and I think we both are a good example for our children. Just 10. That's all I am asking for. 10 little pounds.

Ok, back to a cheerier topic--workout gear and all the great choices. As I mentioned before, Lululemon is my very favorite both for pants, jackets, and tops. I heart them. The quality is amazing--if you care for them correctly they will look like brand new forever. The jacket styles are flattering to all body types, the colors and styles of pants & tops are fun and hip and comfortable. Prices can be a little steep but there are constantly pieces going on sale and I heard a rumor that there is an outlet store up North. This Canadian company gets my vote for best all around gear. Lucy is another great place for workout gear and they have a great helpful staff that can get you set up. If you want to stay more budget minded pop into the above two to check the sale racks, and then continue your bargain hunt at Macy's which has Puma & Nike, or even Fred Meyer carries Addidas and more. And the Nike store downtown is definitely a fun visit that will get you motivated.

Motivation. For me, it is a certain high school reunion around the corner, the thought of a swimsuit, and the happiness I feel when I feel strong. Fitting in your jeans doesn't hurt either. I have a group of girlfriends who are very dedicated to exercise and good health and they completely inspire me to keep at it--thank you girls. My sister ran the LA Marathon last year--I was amazed by her strength. Its spring and its Monday, get started on something that will make you a better you--and leave the baggy sweats for garage cleaning day.