Thursday, September 16, 2010

cheap thrills

I am, without a doubt, a Barneys girl. Or maybe I dream of being a Barneys Girl. Even when I can only afford to look and think and leave empty handed, I still love the big B. I used to think it was museum like and scary in there, but once I found a lovely sales girl and learned the ins and outs of steals off the sale rack (like my Vince leather jacket--$69.00--yes, you heard right) and online deals (grey James skinny jeans- $49!!)--I decided its a favorite spot. You can get a current look in Co-Op in Barneys, the section with less zeros on the price tags. Check it out--its worth a look.
Today I went to the emporium of the cheap thrill, H&M. My sister in law had stopped by earlier in the week with a pretty grey sweater belted with a black ribbon from there--and it reminded me that I hadn't visited in a long time. Jackpot!!! There was a brand new "pleather" limited release motorcycle jacket with shearling that was, what, was I reading that correctly, $29.95! Super cute! Not cheap looking! Sold! I also bought a, crazy as it sounds, leather top--not tight, not sketchy looking or low cut, but cool and hip and fun. Loved it. It looked as good on as it did on the scary mannequin, and I walked out of there happy.
Some things you must spend some money on--I for one am not a fan of the cheap handbag, but mixing your lows and your highs is always a good thing--if you find something fab in the land of the good deals make sure you love it for what it is before you buy and not just the price--then pair it with something out of your own closet that you love already and you'll have a new look. And your wallet & your closet will thank you, you clever girl.

Monday, September 13, 2010

five easy pieces

I have had time to dig though all the "must haves for fall" articles, the coveted Vogue "September Issue", and a few of my favorite websites and complied my five favorites for fall. Some of these are wishes, and some are waiting patiently in my closet, for that first crisp, cool day of fall. Which has arrived. I heart fall. Here's why.....
I am going to say flat out that a leather jacket is a must for the fall...there is lots of leather everywhere in fact--and a leather skirt of both stylish length and quality is hopefully in my future, but it isn't in the top five. A great leather jacket doesn't have to be super over the top expensive, although you do get what you pay for for the most part. Be a smart shopper and get a great fit and cut that isn't over the top trendy and you'll have it forever. I do like the motorcycle jacket --just try not to be too MIchael Jackson (RIP). The second is a pair of slim cut, skinny jeans, or jeggings--(Jeans that fit like leggings) and yes, everyone can wear these. You have to buy the right size and wear them properly (that means cover your booty, people--this isn't the 80's!!) They go great with my third must, a great pair of boots! Over the knee, wedge, bootie, motorcycle--there are a ton of choices--make sure that you replace worn heels and polish up your old favorites at your local shoe guy (like Johnny's in Ballard), but look for a style that reflects you and is fun--I am a flat boot person but wedges are comfy too. You need to rock boots this fall. Fourth, a leopard piece, preferably a belt or shoes/boots. A little goes a long way, but even a skinny leopard belt around a cozy sweater adds some fun style. Fifth, I love the faux fur vests and coats out there--there is so great faux fur out there that feels and look real, without all the guilt--or if you have no guilt when it comes to fashion (lucky you!) than Neiman Marcus' hip spin off website, Cusp, has a fab leopard print, rabbit fur motorcycle style jacket that is out of this world. If you are me.
Now go forth and shop!