Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blue Velvet

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

Since this is a personal blog, I am going to be personal for a moment. For the past month I have had a family member in crisis and it has taken all of me to help my loved one. Without my family, I don't know what I would have done. We seem to pull together even tighter than the tight knit clan we are in times like this, and I know that we will see this through together. Family really is everything.

In times like these it has seemed odd to me to be talking about trends and style, and all of it really seems terribly unimportant. I have been reminded that even in the darkest of times it is important to continue to move forward, to do what you love and to focus on the things that make you happy. It is important that I show my loved one that I am strong and I am present and that nothing is more important than being healthy and happy.  But it is also ok to laugh, and to write about things you love and see the light in the world again. As simple as it may sound, this beautiful fall has been a gift of sorts for me. The beautiful colors that surround me have made me feel appreciative and grounded.

And so, fashion. My photographer Kirsten Beeksma Morse, Krissi to me, is also a friend. She met me recently to do a shoot even though I mixed up the days and was totally off my game and disorganized...which is not the usual way I operate. The end result was some laughter and some friendship and some fabulous photos of a beautiful dress on a lovely fall morning. The parents at the soccer game next door to our shoot might have thought me a tad overdressed for a Saturday morning in a park, but that was part of the fun. And so, let's talk velvet......

Truly, velvet is one of my favorite materials this time to year. It is luxurious and decadent and has a celebratory feel to it. That being said, don't reserve wearing velvet for party time, it is also gorgeous in the daytime. Velvet overalls are one way to show some velvet love during the daylight hours, and you can easily toss on heels and a silk blouse to dress them up for evening. I am particular to this Pilcrow and The Letterpress pair from anthropologie because of the slim silhouette.

Pilcrow and The Letterpress Velvet Overalls

You can find velvet accessories, boots and shoes everywhere right now, which makes it easy to incorporate a bit of luxury into your existing wardrobe. I have been wearing the Madewell Gemma flats in gorgeous burgundy all fall and they will even more fab with a pair of sparkly socks, my current obsession. Jump on that socks with heels, socks with boots, socks with slides bandwagon. It is a subtle yet cool trend that is a stylish transition to take your fall shoes into the cooler months ahead.

Madewell Gemma Pointy Toe Mule

Zara Kaftan with Back Embroidery

The Kaftan has made a glamour reappearance and done right it can be uber chic. Watch out for the dusters that are too billowy or have a bathrobe vibe, unless that is what you are going for. I prefer a luxurious fabric and a longer lean silhouette. The Zara Velvet Kaftan with Back Embroidery checks all the boxes for me in this regard. And can we have a moment for those green boots? Killer.

Marcus Adler New York Velvet Baseball Cap

I love a great baseball cap and velvet gives this little lid the perfect chic update. Saks Off 5th just opened up in downtown Seattle and I found this little Marcus Adler gem for under $25. The deep merlot colored velvet is stunning, and it comes in a dark blue as well as black.

When I was in New York City last month we stayed in the meatpacking district and the dining, shopping and hotels were off the charts. It was over 80 degrees at 9 pm the day we arrived, but that didn't stop me from coveting the amazing fall fashion.
I like mixing different kinds of materials with velvet, including fur, brocade and leather. This Theory Transformer Pouche is a cross body and a clutch and its furry exterior is fantastic. This baby will be going everywhere with me this season and I especially like the way the neutral color plays off the major pop of color dress.

And finally, the dress. I love Karen from Where Did U Get That? and KarenBritChick on Instagram and am very always inspired by her personal style. When she wore this incredible blue velvet ASOS Velvet Plunge Kimono Midi Dress recently, I immediately hopped online and ordered it. It has a V-neck front, and Karen wore it backwards, which was genius. I can't begin to describe the color.. .it is aquamarine on steroids. I paired it with fun snakeskin heeled booties but it would be gorgeous with a variety of cool boots or even a heeled loafer.

Want to add some lux to your wardrobe this fall? Whether it is a pair of boots or a stunning dress, velvet is where it is at this fall. November is around the corner and this year I couldn't be more thankful and grateful for all that I hold dear. Keep your loves close and cheers to a new month ahead. xx

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Big Coverup: Favorite Fall Jacket Trends

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

The beautiful fall weather is finally gone from downright hot to that slight chill in the air that means its time to grab a jacket. It is that time in early autumn for something that you can put layers under or wear alone to show off your favorite pair of denim.

Trends for fall have been so creative and "anything goes" this fall that it has been fantastic to revisit some classics as well as embrace some fun new looks. From oversized plaid blazers (hello 90s) to feather and embroidery embellishments, finding your look was never more fun. Plus you can mix it up again the next day.

Levis, the oldest and largest denim brand, is instantly recognizable as an iconic brand, but with the onslaught of premium denim over the past decade it has been overshadowed by the perpetual onslaught of new lines of denim. I was happy to see that Levi come to the forefront of denim once again with their collaborations and capsule collections that stay true to the brand while giving it a modern edge. I bought these Levi 721 High-Rise Skinny Jeans from the Levi store in the Meatpacking District in NYC a few weeks ago. I love the fit and the detail of the rose embroidery on the hips. It makes me really happy to see this classic brand broaden their scope but still maintain the Levi look. And denim is always a great way to show off a stylish jacket.

In addition to a great pair of denim, boots are also a versatile way to show your style. Ever since I saw the Fendi Rockoko Chelsea boots with its ribbed color-block elastic inserts and multicolor floral embroidery at the Nordstrom Season Shift Event, I have been obsessed. I have been wearing these all fall, with dresses and skirts as well as denim. These boots are one of my favorite fall purchases and although they are clearly a splurge, I plan on getting my moneys worth in wear. Sometimes when someone says something is an investment piece it sounds like an excuse for spending money on a label, but these are truly one of those boots that I am proud to own.

Faux fur is another fun trend that makes the perfect fall handbag! Intermix in the Meatpacking District in NYC had this Maison Boinet Teal Mini Crossbody Bag that totally grabbed me. You can hold it by its gold ring handles or wear it in a cross body style for a great eye popping accessory.

Not everything needs to have a designer label to be cool. H&M has really pretty blouses that showcase the dark floral trend perfectly. This one is similar to mine, because as is the way of fast fashion, the blouse I am wearing is sold out. I wore it with a half tuck in the front to show off the embroidery detail on my Levis. Here are three of my favorite jackets to wear right now and into the cooler months ahead.

The Oversized Plaid Blazer

The blouse, denim and boots are great pieces that enables me to mix up my look with the change of my jacket. The oversized long plaid blazer is updated from the 90s and it a major component of the 2017 fall wardrobe. I think this blazer looks so cool with denim but I would also wear it with a dress and a chunky knit scarf. It is a super versatile piece that has polish and street smarts, and that is why I chose the Tibi Glen Plaid Oversized Jasper Blazer. You can get also get this look from Target, ASOS, and Shopbop.

Cargo Jacket with A Twist

Judging from the amount of army green hanging in the jacket section of my closet, I may have been having a love affair with the army jacket and it's fancier cousins for the past few months. My fashionable friend Monica spied this great jacket at Zara in Paris this past summer and I jumped online and grabbed it. If feathers aren't your thing, never fear. Shopbop has a fabulous lineup of cargo jackets, from statement sleeves to patched. Check them out here.

The Bomber Jacket

The bomber continues to be a big jacket shape for fall and I love all new twists that this jacket style has. The Cinq À Sept Leia Ruffle Bomber Jacket takes a plain army green bomber to a new level with  a double row of ruffles that run across the sleeve and around the jacket. And it is on sale ladies, at Nordstrom Rack, down from the original price of $595 to $189.97.  And don't be fooled by the photo on the Nordstrom website: it is not brown, it is green.

Metallic Moto Jacket

I think that Joie makes some of the best jackets around. I am a big fan of metallic moto jackets particularly ones that have a subtle look to the leather rather than a high shine. The Joie Leolani Leather Jacket is made of distressed leather so it is not bright, but has that favorite worn jacket look that goes with absolutely everything. I bought mine from my gorgeous friend Rebekah at the University Village store. I paired it with a Miu Miu skirt from MB Finds and those favorite Fendi boots of mine while out and about in NYC, but would also wear it with denim or over a dress. The sky is the limit. It comes in a gorgeous gray color too.

Raw Edge Blazer

Raw edges take a great jacket and just make it look cooler. The raw or unfinished hem takes a done up blazer and makes an individualistic statement. This Isabel Marant Étoile Ela Blazer was another MB Finds score, but you can find it here as well. I love the raw edge on a denim jacket or blazer too, and this Alexander Wang Collarless Grey Denim Jacket is a great combo of low key high style. Love!

Denim and Patches

Whether you are looking for a low key stylish look or something of a major statement, there are some amazing choices in jackets for fall. A interesting and fun piece like a metallic or embroidered and embellished really makes an outfit. I have been adding vintage patches to my distressed cropped denim jacket over the past year, and this week I finished it with a Gucci-inspired vintage snake patch I found in an antique store in Fremont here in Seattle. It is the cherry on top of this fun project and made the jacket complete.

Cheers to covering up in style. xx