spring cleaning

I dream of a walk in closet. You know the one, with the fabulous tufted sofa in it you can lounge on with a glass of wine while you contemplate which dress to wear to that great party. The clothes are perfectly lined up, by color of course, in neat rows, not a wire hanger in sight. Shoes in boxes with their photos attached so you don't forget where your friends are, drawers with neatly folded lingerie. Yes, we all can have dreams. I had a nearly perfect closet once, minus the fab sofa and walk in part, but awesome none the less. My husband actually designed it from EasyClosets.com and we had custom doors made the length of the wall with glass knobs. It was wonderful when it was done, and then we moved almost immediately afterwards.
Ok, fast forward until today. At a party on Friday I was discussing with another woman how I was expertly avoiding this giant task of cleaning my tiny 1920's closet out and storing all my winter clothes. Its a huge project I do twice a year (spring and fall) and it is great because I do purge, take things to consignment, and make a little cash and a little room. Its to be avoided because it makes a huge mess and takes days and days. I avoid it for awhile. Like right now.
We have family coming this weekend, however, and I must get it together. Anyway, at this party I was told of the fabulous black velvet slim hangers they sell at Costco in boxes of 50 and how they don't wreck your clothes, they help fit lots more clothes in your closet and the velvet means nothing falls off the hanger. I zoomed out yesterday, avoided buying a Costco hotdog and eighteen or so "bargains" I didn't need, and have been at it ever since. Hoorah! The closet looks so organized and I can see what I own! I have a pile for Goodwill and a pile for Show Pony, a great store in Fremont that takes your well cared for consignment pieces.
Now, if I could only fit a sofa in there...........


  1. lisa tried to color co-ordinate my closet last visit,but I didn't stay with the program very well.


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