dressing the part

Is it bad to want to wear a Rolling Stone t-shirt to a country concert? We have tickets to Brooks and Dunn tomorrow night, and while I am mostly a rock kind of a girl, I love these guys. Last night my husband worried that he didn't have a western shirt to wear to the show, and I admit I semi-mocked him by saying, "Its not a costume party!". Or is it? If it were a Stones concert would I want to wear a bunch of black eyeliner and a rock concert t-shirt? Is that just as odd? Does it make me a rocker (um, no), or do I just fit in with the crowd. Which sometimes I don't feel like doing either. Its a little like being told what to do, and I am not one for that.
I grew up in Montana, I own a western style belt, cowboy boots that are broken in (read: beer has been spilled on them), and I have a cowboy shirt etc. It just seems super silly to dress like that but I guess that is what people do. I just don't want to. We all do it, dress a part depending on what we are doing or where we are going, even if we don't realize it. Have you ever dressed a little more conservatively for a night out with some mellower folks or grabbed a crazier shirt for a fun crowd of people? I bet you have. How different is that from dressing "appropriately". Like for a teacher conference or client meeting. My husband swears if he has on a suit or at least dress pants etc he gets treated with much more respect in a store or restaurant than if he has on his jeans. And no one wants to be the person who forgot its cocktail attire at a party so I guess standing out and fitting in both have their moments.
I think wearing what you love gives you confidence, and if that is a rock t-shirt to a country concert than more power to you (or in this case, me). I went downtown today, feeling guilty for not helping my husband out with his clothing dilemma, after all, men have attire issues as well, and bought him a western shirt. Then I went by the Levi's store to see if I could talk myself into something that didn't seem like such a costume. I came out with a pair of new Levi's, but they are blue/black plaid skinnies. I wonder if they will go with my cowboy boots.......