Welcome To The Neighborhood!

Welcome to my blog, west fulton street. I am ready to move the writing in my head to an actual blog, and look forward to talking about things that I love--clothes, watching street fashion, people in my world showing their sense of style, and a little of my opinion on the art of getting dressed.
I live in Seattle, where I love the fact that we have actual seasons. Its an opportunity for freshening up your closet with the changing weather and being a layering kind of girl, adding and subtracting things with the change of season (or my mood). At one time I played with the idea of becoming a closet organizer, an idea that faded as I continued to trash my own closet looking for that one favorite tee or missing scarf. After I was hit on the head by a falling boot box while dealing with my pint size 1920's closet for the millionth time--well, I gave that idea the boot itself. (Sorry, Kari. But, look, now I am doing this! :)
the uniform
Admit it. You have one. And it says something about you, whether you have it on daily or its your go-to. Is it workout clothes and a baseball hat, (whether you are on your way to Pilates or you are trying to motivate to do something--and I am sorry but it is my least favorite--get dressed people!!!), a Michael Stars t-shirt in a different color every day, or a gray sweater & jeans (ok, that might be me--but not daily). Its that comfort zone kind of dressing that is good because it makes you feel good, and its bad because you don't ever change it up. Someone asked my Mom once, that if she could have her hair be any color in the world, why on earth would she choose gray? Since being chastised for eyeing yet one more gray Vince sweater, that I didn't buy, by the way, I am vowing to make it fun more often. Be a little less gray.
shop the closet?
Last week I thought if I got one more email or pick up one more magazine with a "must have list" for spring I was going to scream, when I realized, I think I have most of the must haves floating about, I just didn't realize it. If you have been paying attention the last few years, you probably already have flats (even the now pointed toe one is back again). And wedges have been prominent for the past few years, and as my wise friend Kelly says, "Everything looks better with a wedge." And she is right. Spring scarf? Check. Shorts? If you purchased a winter pair in a seasonless fabric like I did from Anthropologie, then you can move them right into spring paired with a feminine top & tights or no tights. And again the flats or wedge.
That being said, I admit I love to shop. I love vintage jewelry & handbags, new shoes, a beautifully cut coat. It changes me. It makes me feel different to look different and I love that.
Well, that is all for today. I just wanted to start my blog. Mission accomplished for today. Hope to see you around the neighborhood. I'll be the one in that just a bit too big leopard coat. xo


  1. Can't wait for more posts! I do have many versions of the gray sweater and jeans (as seen today), and I agree, they would look better with a wedge :). KG

  2. You are totally right, Lisa. Wearing workout clothes all day is tempting, but should be avoided. It's been fun reading your blog. Katie B. (Sarah's friend)

  3. I know, Katie, and I mean I get it. Its like wearing pajamas all day its so comfy...which makes me realize I forgot to touch on the odd trend of wearing pajama bottoms in public, like to Safeway. Stop it right now, people. Super strange. ;)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I am Saralee and Tom's friend. Sara just told me about your new blog.
    Very funny!! It's going to be fun keeping up with all your fabuloud fashion advice : )

    Maybe I'll see you in Seattle sometime.



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