jacket required

Another rainy day here in the Seattle area had a few of us talking this morning about spring coats, or lack thereof. Its a time of year where a heavier jacket or even raincoat of a darker color look just a little off. Not being a fan of the fleece wear that is around the city, I decided to embark on a search for a few more fashionable options.
The double breasted trench is on the must have lists again and I think everyone needs one. You can replace the belt that comes with the coat with a wide belt from your closet--it gives it that extra pop that makes it your own. Try a patent one with a square buckle in a fun color if your coat is classic black, gray or tan. Also, look for a shorter version, meaning above the knee so you don't look like Professor Clouseou or (gasp) frumpy. Burberry, known for their classic trench, has a zillion great styles that are fabulous and chic--knotted epaulette shoulders, satin, tiered layers, and a very fun short version. Trenches come in great colors too--get a yellow one or go for a leopard version, just get one in your closet.
The shopping website ShopStyle is one of my favorites when I am looking for a certain thing and want to check out my options. This helpful and fun site shows you whatever you are looking for and then connects you to the webiste where you can purchase. It includes sale versions of said coveted item as well. Love it!
Motorcycle jackets were big in the fall and are continuing to dominate the spring look. I have found a white leather one that I deemed not too 'Michael Jackson" and it is like butter, but is faux leather. I have a cropped black leather one I throw over everything, dresses and tshirts alike. The military jacket and the boyfriend blazer are also two of my favorites right now. I have been wearing a black and white fringed scarf I bought at H&M nonstop with all of my jackets and it adds warmth and style. Its all in the details.
Last but not least, the jean jacket and sleeveless jean vest are everywhere, although I am not currently wild about the later, I will keep you posted. I need to think about it and so far I am thinking....no. My collarless jean jacket by paper denim & cloth I purchased five years ago has stood the test of time & still looks fitted and a little edgy, which is maybe a good reason to not go cropped on the jean jacket.
Military, trench, boyfriend blazer, leather, motorcycle jacket--with all those great options--some for style, some for style and warmth--walk away from the fleece ladies and have some fun! xo lisa