Saturday, April 30, 2011

pop of color

On a recent spin through the shops downtown while I was running errands, I saw lots of neutrals, white and grey, and at this point in the spring--I am feeling a bit desperate for color.  I was told summer had not been put out yet in many of the stores--and I know it is almost May, so lets get to it people.  If I want grey or neutral, I can get that by looking outside at our lousy weather, so I think its time to get that pop of color and raise some spirits a bit.
While I have always been a bit cautious with the neon in the past, after all, I did the eighties already--now I am feeling bolder.  Its one of those things that for me, a little goes a long way, my JCrew neon pink v-neck shirt layered under a sweater or shirt gives my outfit the cool punch it needs right now.  The color also seems to give my skin a bit of a sunkissed glow, that bright color seems to brighten me as well.  Perfect.  JCrew has flip flops, bags, and layering pieces with bits of neon that are fresh looking and say spring in the perfect non ladylike way. :)
If you not a pink girl, another great neon bright is orange, and I think its a color that everyone can wear, its just a matter of tweeking the tone a bit.  Halston Heritage, the darling of my favorite fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker, has a beautiful Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress that is the perfect summer party frock.  And Kate Spade usually comes out with a neon punch to her ladylike bags and clutches every spring, so look for those now in the department stores carrying that label.
You don't need to attend a rave to rock the neon look, its perfect for daytime to modernize your wardrobe -- even a pair of ballet flats with a twist, like Mui Mui's Flourescent Patent Ballerinas  can make you stand out in the crowd.  Speaking of standing out in a crowd, not long ago I spotted a woman in Soho sporting a neon yellow trench that knocked my socks off.  Not everyone can wear that wow of a statement piece of neon, but her confidence as she walked briskly across the cobblestone street told me she sure could.  Love it.
Pink, green, orange, yellow--pick one item in your favorite color --pair it with black & white, denim, grey or neuatral, and make it neon bright.  And don't forget to channel that Soho woman's confidence when you do, because confidence is always the best pop of color.

Monday, April 25, 2011

sole mate

Recently I purchased my first pair of Dr. Martens.  I know, right?  First the diamond in my nose and now this?  haha. While I thought that the classic black Doc has never really been my kind of shoe, I saw a sassy red pair of boots online not too long ago that I absolutely fell in love with. The boot, Dr. Martens 1460 in Cherry Red Smooth, looked like a funky way to rock a spring dress, out of the ordinary and miles away from a classic ballet flat. Sign me up. Unfortunately, they were again out of stock by the time I went to buy them.  Rats.  This lead to an obsessive look for a replacement pair, which led me to research into this 51 year old company and find that I have been missing out.  There were so many styles, colors & great products and a long history of iconic footwear.
The original shoe was created by a doctor after he injured his own foot while skiing. Dr. Marten used soft leather and air padded soles, later marketed as AirWair.  Who knew that 50+ years later this footwear would run the gambit from practical work boots to floral fashion statements, there are literally hundreds of styles of shoes, sandals, and boots.  The Doc Marten black leather boot won two fashion awards at the 2010 New York City Fashion Awards, proving that this shoe is not just for your punk little brother.
I finally settled on the Dr. Martens Rosie Rose Cut-Out 14 Eye Boot in White Smooth.   They are a feminine (really!) twist on the classic boot, with rose shaped cutouts on the side of each boot--super cute with a pair of tights and a dress or bare legs underneath.  Think they are too "clodhopper" for you?  Step outside your comfort zone and see for yourself at

super style

I have blogged in the past about the online jewelry club, JewelMint, the brainchild of actress and fashionista Kate Bosworth, and her BFF and stylist, Cher Coulter.  After taking a personal style quiz, you get matched with suggested jewelry pieces which you can purchase each month for $29.99, including free shipping.  There are informative style watch videos, photos, and suggestions for how to wear a piece, and you can skip any month you choose.  I have had a lot of fun (and free of guilt) picking out a new bauble--it has been a great place to get unique and wallet friendly pieces of jewelry to spice up your wardrobe as the seasons change.  I have noticed this type of shopping is popping up everywhere, with not only jewelry, but even shoes, such as the site, Sole Society.
Now style icons Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have teamed up with Kate & Cheryl to form StyleMint, an online site that featured t-shirts designed by the dynamic duo that follows the same vein as JewelMint, a personal fashion quiz, suggested styles to match your taste, and an awesome $29.99 price tag to match.   (To check it out via my recommendation you can also follow this link.... )
I happen to be a big fan of both of the Olsen's clothing lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James.  I think these women have incredible taste and do a fantastic job at not only following trends but creating them.  A chance to add a fun new shirt created by these two ladies to give my summer wardrobe some savvy style?  A no brainer.
Whether you are a busy working girl with no time to hit the boutiques, or just love the idea of something new and different, this new twist in online shopping pairs the fashionable & the affordable into one lovely package on your porch.  Check it out.