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The Hit List: My 10 Favorite Zara Pieces

High/low style is a signature way of dressing for me. I try to limit my fast fashion purchases due to its long term environmental impact, and I find dressing in head to toe designer without imagination, which means mixing it up is key for me. I am happy to have found beautiful pieces from Zara's Join Life sustainable collection and have included several on my list. Zara created Join Life in 2016 as part of a commitment by parent company Inditex to strengthen its sustainability commitments, and the latest from the contemporary clothing line does not disappoint.

Known for their "creative take" on runway style, Zara keeps the trends cranking through their stores, sometimes to their detriment. Once I took a jacket that had very cool embroidery work on it to the register to purchase and the salesperson took it away from me and said she couldn't sell it to me. I was dumbfounded. And frankly, I wanted to grab it back from her and demand she ring it up. But alas, it appears…

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