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Set The Table

First, I think it goes without saying that we could all use a distraction right now. Who would have know when we started 2020, so full of promise as new years often are, that we would go from devastating fires in Australia to a full on world wide pandemic. The virus has ripped through the very center of every culture across the globe and left us all with a feeling of fear as our futures are unfolding with much uncertainty.

After months of sheltering in place at home, I have gone through many stages, as I am sure you have. The first was a bit of shock, then fear, depression, along with a feeling of resilience and hope as well. On any given day these feelings can be all jumbled together as I watch my family, friends and neighbors struggle with the uncertainty of their livelihoods.

When we first were in lockdown I felt completely at loose ends. I am so used to running nonstop that having nowhere to be was freeing, and frightening. I also needed the rest, something I didn't realize u…

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