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Queen of The Jungle: Animal Prints

Nearly every year animal prints are hailed as a fall favorite, and have been elevated to being a "new neutral".  This fall there is a fresh take on animal prints, mixing leopard, snake, cheetah and zebra with other prints as well as each other. Mix it up with army green or plaid, denim, or miniature floral to give your look the classic cool or edgy appeal.

Make sure to check out consignment and vintage when you are on the hunt for animal prints this fall. I scored these gorgeous Isabel Marant Rolling Zebra Print Booties from MB Finds Designer Consignmentthis past week, and over the weekend I found a great 90s vintage leopard silk blouse from Lucky Vintage. Whether it was last year or last decade, animal prints have been at the forefront of chic fashion every season. Be bold with your print mixing and you can make a modern look with just about any combination.

When I started looking for favorite animal print pieces I couldn't stop finding things that I really loved since…

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