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Happy 10th Blogiversary

Believe it or not, October 2019 marks the 10th year I have been writing this blog. It began when I sat next to my friend Alicia at one of those endless school auction meetings one know the ones. Boring, but necessary. Probably not paying proper attention at the meeting, we got to talking and Alicia told me she loved my style and suggested I start a blog. I answered, "What is that?",  being the tech savvy girl I wasn't. So we met over coffee, and she showed me the way.

At first I just wrote about what I love, and downloaded photos from the world wide web, because I didn't have a photographer or really know what I was doing. But I did love to write. I come from a long line of well spoken, educated folk, and talented writers, including my brother Tom, who has made a living out of it. My grandfather was the night editor of the Billings Gazette newspaper, and my Mother wrote poems and other things. It was also not long after I began my blog that my Mom was d…

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