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This Life

The above photopgraph is probably one of my favorites that Krissi has taken in all the time we have worked together. I think that it embodies who I am perfectly. I have, at 56, a clear sense of self. It is a good feeling to love yourself, even though you know you are far from perfect. The past year has been a very challenging one for me. It has shown me my true strength and it has shown me who I can trust to have my back. You really never know where all the twists and turns of this life will take you. I take things a day at a time now, mindful of the gift of living in the moment and I have learned that happiness is not a permanent state, wholeness is. Plus, I am an eternal optimist, a “Pollyana” if you will. I truly believe things work out like they are meant to, even if it isn’t what you originally expected.

I think that women in their "mid-life" often talk about embracing aging and being happy with their sense of self and I think for me this is mostly true. Do I embrace a…

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