I heart denim

I recently did a reality check clean out of all my denim, which I was embarrassed to say, is quite a collection! Two piles were made--the too tight will ruin my day pile, and the they fit right now and love pile. The pile deemed to the sidelines for now had pairs I love and have not given up hope on so they went on the bottom shelf. I know this is not just a pipe dream because I have successfully fit back into pairs before and six days a week at the gym better show something pretty soon for gods sake. Anyway, someone told me that a woman she was having dinner with recently said she was so "over denim" and she was never wearing it again. I thought that was hilarious! I mean, really? I do agree that sometimes people need to know when to wear jeans and when to maybe throw on a little dress or something fun instead, but this is really not the right time to be "over" denim. The denim trend is everywhere--and its being embraced by all sorts of designers, from one end of the spectrum to the other. Manolo Blahnik has a slingback, a ballet flat, and a suede thong sandal--all in denim for spring. Chanel has several beautiful denim bags, plus there are denim jumpsuits, dresses, shorts, leggings, I even saw a True Religion denim bikini at Nordstrom--(which means Target probably has one too--they seem to always follow up). I just purchased the JBrand denim legging with zippers at the ankle and love them. Great color and stretch. I know it has that kind of 80's feel to it, but it is on trend with an oversized white shirt or nautical stripe dolman tshirt.
Jeans can also be tricky, and there are a million different companies making them, so its a bit of a job to find what works for you, but be open minded and take the time to try on all kinds. Some brands cut in at the waist, some of them stretch quite a bit as they are worn through the day, some are made for sticks and some for curvier chicks. Go to a place where they have a big selection--I like Mercer in UVillage because they are very knowledgeable on how each brand fits and will patiently bring you tons of styles and brands until you find the right fit. Try not to get hung up on size. I have quite a range of sizes depending on the make. For me, Rock and Republic are fab but I need to buy bigger, Joes Jeans and JBrand fit me true to size, and I have to go up again with with True Religion. Who cares, as long as they fit great.
So, get a dark denim for dressier looks, skinny jeans (yes, everyone can wear them--just wear them right!), boyfriend jeans (remember a more fitted top with that looser fit), and something cropped for spring. Don't be over denim, be all over it!