the art of the deal

Last night I went to the opening party of a new boutique here in the city. It had some fun things and the owner of the shop also owns a mens and women's store next door. It would have been more fun if I had actually shopped, but I was prohibited by the hesitation of a "membership" where you coughed up $500.00 to be privy to deep discounts on regular merchandise, 50% to 70% off. And the 500 bucks is really like a grand of spending money. What's not to like, right? Its not that the lovely Alice & Olivia tops and Joes Jeans weren't tempting me, because they were. I just couldn't quite pony it up and I am not sure why. This trend in shopping memberships is popping up everywhere. You can buy a yearly card to receive things like 15% off regular merchandise for a year for anywhere from $30 dollars on up. Its exclusive, right? Or not. I guess my hesitation lies in the merchandise is not unique or plentiful enough for me, and that is just a personal thing. I have done it in the past and ended up doing that dreaded thing we all do--buying because its on sale. If I make myself ask, "Would I buy it at full price I love it so much", most of the time I'd have to say no. Plus I have ended up buying the same things over and over (see "uniform" in previous blog) just because it was such a deal. And since my friends and I all go to this shop, we all end up with the same stuff. That does not appeal either. Granted, I have used my past "membership" to buy some really great wardrobe pieces that I may not have spent the money on otherwise.
My email box fills each morning with greetings from the likes of ideeli, Gilt Groupe, Haute Look, Daily Candy and other fun, free shopping websites where there are deep discounts on designer items, furnishings, etc. You have to be quick to jump on things, like as in the minute it starts if you see a line you love. I have an iPhone app from Gilt Groupe that I can order right from my phone after I am alerted that the starting gun has gone off (oh yeah!) Ordering things from time to time, like my new Torn lizard print tee that arrived yesterday, make me feel like I am mixing it up, adding new & unique pieces, and still getting a sweet deal.