spring in your step

I have loved shoes since I was a little girl, but frankly, I don't know any woman that doesn't. I know they are out there, they just are not in my world. And plenty of men I know are shoe lovers, but none to the intensity of we women. My first pair of "fancy" shoes were purchased for me by my mother for my First Communion. They were white patent leather bucks with a chunky heel and a gold chain across the top of the shoe. I thought they were the most fabulous things I had ever seen and I put them on with my shorts when we got home and ran from house to house in my neighborhood knocking on doors and showing everyone their beauty. (I would love it if a kid did that to me, now that I am an adult!) I also had a pair of pink Ked tennis shoes that I named "The Pinkies". I don't know why I gave my shoes a name, but I wore them until they fell apart and my big toe popped out the top. There was also a pair of saddle shoes I loved in first grade which I called clodhoppers (what is with the naming of the shoes?). Ah, yes, my glamorous beginnings of shoe obsession.
I have been watching the spring styles come in and am happy to say that last years purchases are still very relevant. The gladiator sandal is still around with a slight twist--and is fabulous fun in both a flat and rocking high heels. The beautiful cage shoe is one of my favorites--do not be afraid of this--it is such a fun trend that can transform your outfit. I love the denim shoe trend and just purchased a pair of denim ankle collar flats that will be a summer favorite. Leather ruffles, zippers, chains, flowers--there doesn't seem to be a plain shoe in sight. And make sure you have your wedges in both a cork or raffia, and a nude--they look great with denim or dresses and also make your legs look super long. Plus, they require no Ibuprofen for a days (or nights) wear! Yes!
My favorite shoes have to be my steel grey platform peep toes by Christian Louboutin, they are sky high and super comfortable at the same time. I covet the beautiful shoes made by Mr. Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chanel and Manolo Blahnik, and take good care of each pair I own, but I also think there is nothing like a trip to DSW for the cheap thrill. I think summer shoes are something that you shouldn't spend a ton of money on unless its a classic, like a ballet flat, and at DSW you can get spring fever without guilt. Just think carefully so you don't go home with some crazy shoe you'll never wear just because it was on sale. I almost did that today.
Take your winter boots to Johnny's Shoes in Ballard for a end of the season polish and store them away for now. You will be glad they are all cleaned up when you pull them out next fall. With all that room you have since you have cleaned your closet for the new season (right?) you now can put some spring in your step! Happy Shopping!