roll with it

I am loving the 70's vibe that is coming out for spring--in denim there are wider legs, flares and trouser looks were back on New York Fashion Week's spring runway.  The slightly higher (no mom jeans here) waist are flattering when worn with two of my favorites--a tall wedge shoe and a menswear shirt.  Its cool vibe is a perfect update for those of you who are ready to move on from the super skinny look.
I, for one, love the skinnier jeans, especially when tucked into boots.  My favorite update for wearing them is with the more stovepipe leg, which is not as tapered at the ankle.  I have been rolling them to barely mid-calf,  pairing them with neutral (think grey or black) socks and wearing them with a wedge short bootie or my KORS Michael Kors Angie boot with that fabulous chunky heel.  And yes, I said socks.
In the spring, you can ditch said socks if you want and still rock the wedge shoe, or go for a flat.  Remember fit and proportion matter, fitted jeans with a looser style top and a boyfriend jean with a fitted shirt keeps you from looking like you stumbled in from a different era.  Update your look with a couple of rolls to the cuff--and if you need inspiration check out this fabulous photo from Milan on my all time favorite blog, The Sartorialist.  What is not to love about a fashionable girl on a bike?  Enjoy.