be mine valentine

Countdown....only a few more days of the despicable month of January.  I am ready to move on to new things and have some things to look forward to--and as cheesy as it may sound, I love Valentine's Day.  Love it.  Why not embrace even a holiday such as the Hallmark of all holidays, and make it  your own.  Otherwise its just a Monday.
Granted, I have had more than a few not so great ones in the past--single girl, particularly in my 20's was not always so fab.  And one year we threw a Valentine's party for a bunch of friends and it was the first cocktail party we had ever hosted.  I worked day and night on all the details to make the party beautiful, made all the food, David and I taste tested champagne every Thursday, (see my brother Tom Astle's movie "Failure To Launch" from a few years ago and yes, he wrote "Champagne Thursday" into the movie--that's me!) and then ended up with the flu the night of the party (but I was young so I powered through with more champagne).   My little valentines at home now reap the benefits of having a mom stung by cupids arrow.
Maybe you don't have a special someone, or your significant other has a consistent history of missing the boat on celebrating occasions, or .....well, anyhow, you are a modern girl so get your own cupid on this February.  I have made a list of a few of my favorite things...

  • Personally, I think giving lingerie for Valentine's Day is super cheesy.  But I have to admit  I am a big fan of Commando's Red Snake Thong--a racy print on the best underwear in the world.  
  • Tom Binns Faith in Fate Heart with Safety Pin Necklace has a cool rock & roll vibe to it.  And a great price.
  • I love Tarina Tarantino.  Although you may be familiar with her in conjunction with Sephora, her jewelry is way fun.  I bought this fabulous lucite heart "Electric Heart Necklace" from her line a few years ago and wear it year round.  And I stack her carved rose bracelets--pick black or pink--for whatever message you would like to send...
  • I can't leave out the Cartier LOVE bracelet.  Remember the original one could only be opened with a tiny screwdriver?  Now they have branched out to necklaces, earrings and different styles, but the original bracelet still has my heart.  
  • Dolce&Gabbana's Leopard Print iPad sleeve is over the top--but then sometimes so am I.
  • A maroon colored Converse Chuck Taylor is a great way to put on your red shoes and dance. 
  • What would February be without a bit of bubbly?  Francis Ford Coppola's Sophia, a tribute to his daughter, is a favorite of mine.  The Blanc de Blancs is elegant and festive, plus you can get it in an individual 187 mililiter can with its own little straw--stylish and just for you.  And you don't need it to be Valentine's Day or Thursday for that matter.
Here's to love, to friendship, to February~ cheers.


  1. Somewhat confusing that a piece of underwear is named 'Commando' but what is there not to love about the 'snake thong' aspect of it? Nice post, eventhough you powered through the 'cheesy-nish' of it!

  2. Thanks, Eric. Your are the best. Commando lingerie is named because its like....oh you know what I mean. ;) It rocks.


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