give good face

Putting my best face forward just got a little easier thanks to my Clarisonic Mia that made an appearance under the tree this year.  As a teenager, I was lucky-- I hardly saw a single zit and was basically oblivious to my gift of nice, clear skin.  I only wanted to be tan (it was the 70's/80's--everyone was very TAN) and my skin is on the fair side so it only became golden.  Despite ignoring my mother's (wise) advice to wear sunscreen --which I for the most part, ignored, I am now fairly unscathed.  But uneven skin tone is still a common problem-- life, age, environment, heredity and lifestyle make a major impact on what face you end up with and frankly, couldn't we all use a bit of help? The unrealistic hopes of that airbrushed perfection that we see everywhere is in my head as well.
My trainer is constantly reminding me to drink a ton of water, and why is something that simple so difficult?  I try.  I also am a big believer in sleep.  My days of being the last girl at the party are gone, and I am fine with that.  Exhaustion shows on your face.  So does sadness, but that is what it is.  I also have been focusing on eating real, not processed food--which is in keeping with the focus of eating foods that are in season.  Its just getting in the habit of making the effort for these things when our lives are in constant fast forward.
Lest you think I am on going the holier than thou route, I am here to say, I have some major flaws.  Despite my best efforts my glass of wine with my evening meal is a bit hard to give up.  And I do still love the Vitamin D in its purest form--a sunny spot at a pool is also hard to resist.  Oh, and I am not a red meat eater but who can say no to the occasional burger?   :)  Flaws just make you more interesting, right?  
Anyway, the Clarisonic has helped give my skin a glow that has been noticeable & I love it.  Your skin is your biggest beauty asset, so treat it right--its never too late to start.  As for those crows feet, laugh lines and the events of my life that show on my face, I am proudly showing those off too.  I earned them.