cliff diving

I have been thinking about doing something a little crazy lately.  January does that to me.  What is it this time of year that make me feel so... insatiable?  Or maybe its that little part of me that likes surprising people, even myself.   I figure it is one of those thing that helps me feel like a little bit of a rebel, even if I am actually just folding the laundry.  I mean, I know who I am but it doesn't hurt to think outside the box sometimes, right?  Doing things that scare us can sometimes surprise us into really feeling, jumping right into the middle of life.  I am not saying that this is one of those things, but it still appeals to me.  Its not for everyone, I get that. Still, when I get an idea in my head.....well, just ask my loved ones.....
I decided to pole a few folks on my idea and got a mixed bag of answers.  The surprise was that the people I thought would say "Don't do it!" did not say that--they asked questions of me and seemed to trust I knew the answer already.  One person laughed.  For about five minutes.  Love that. The people I thought would say "Go for it" didn't say that at all.  There were strong and definitive opinions, but that is what I asked for.
In the end, I usually do what I want, no matter what anyone else thinks. And I guess I knew what I was planning on doing before I asked.  So, off I go, on a January adventure.  Love it or hate it, I am just being me.