jewels that don't cost a mint

I recently signed up for the online jewelry "club",  and am happy to report that it is awesome.  Actress Kate Bosworth and her friend & stylist Cher Coulter, have teamed up to create an online monthly jewelry club that offers unique pieces designed by the pair, and inspired by runway looks, vintage finds and their own personal styles. Log onto the website and take a style quiz, then pieces are selected and suggested to you based on the looks you have chosen in your profile.
They then are added to your own "Showroom" where you can click and check them out in detail, as well as be shown how & what to wear them with, if you need inspiration.  You can add new selections at any time, and each month you will get a notice of new pieces available for purchase.  All pieces are $29.99 and the shipping is not only fast, its free.  If you decide to skip a month you won't be charged either, so that makes it more fun, less hassle.
I like how the Showroom keeps track of the pieces that I have purchased and that I have a Jewelry Box on the website that keeps track of all my purchases as well.  I actually added a piece a day later after my first purchase and they came together, quickly.  Here's the best part--they are beautiful, quality pieces that I absolutely loved.  My first purchases were the Saber Pendant Necklace, which is an ebony piece hanging from an edgy silver chain and the Metal Mosaic Ring, kind of rock and roll looking & artistic at the same time.  I am a big fan of costume jewelry, particularly unique vintage pieces and I really love the fact that you won't see yourself coming and going.
I am feeling that there will be lots of bold and bright colored stones and big statement pieces, lots of gold and also geometric patterns in the spring jewelry lines.  Dig through your own jewel box and resurrect some of your pieces maybe you have skipped over the last few years, then pair them with something new that has caught your eye and you'll have yourself a new look.
So, take a peek & check it out.  It'll be yet another reason for you to love that other man in your life, Mr. UPS.