mentioning unmentionables

If you are a male friend or relative of mine who is kind enough to check in on my blog and be supportive, you might want to skip this one. It is about underwear. And may fall under the category of TMI for you. For the rest of you, I just have to share a find I had a couple of months ago that is going to cause me to make the following statement--I have found the best underwear in the world. It not a new line, but it is new to me. There are so many brands of undergarments out these days that you may be confused in the lingerie department to the point where you will pine for the cotton "3 for $10" packs of days gone by. Take heart, ladies, because it is so worth it to find something that you don't have to think about, and neither does the person walking behind you. I am talking about the Commando underwear line, a whisper thin seamless undergarment that is both comfy and invisible. There are styles for everyone, from boy shorts, girl shorts, thongs, in stay put fabrics, flat lace and a zillion colors. Being a Cosabella and Hanky Panky fan for years, I can honestly say I am a total convert. Pick up a pair and give them a try. I promise you will thank me.