40 winks

A couple of years ago my friend Caroline showed up at school pickup with the most gorgeous set of lashes I had ever seen. She had lash extensions put on, individual lashes attached to each real lash, and had the most perfect set of peepers--glam and lush and natural all at the same time. These are not those stiff false lashes from days gone by. Caroline had had some lash loss after having her babies, and these extensions really made her eyes look amazing. While I loved them, they seemed like one more appointment in a long line of them I already had to keep myself a "natural beauty". I resisted the temptation, which for me, is major. Then, my friend Kari got them and WOW--they really made her already pretty eyes really fabulous. Finally, I could resist no longer. I decided to get a set put on for my upcoming trip to Paris, where I figured, I would love to be 24/7 glam and not have to worry about eye makeup at all for the trip. I made an appointment at Dina S. Good Salon in Belltown, known in our fair city as the best place in the business. An hour and a half later and $150.00 lighter in the wallet, I too was a lash lady. I couldn't stop looking at them! Woohoo!
On the third day of our time in Paris I figured my husband would have awoke from his jet lag fog and noticed. Did he think I just wasn't washing off my makeup? That my suddenly enhanced eyes were not mentioned at all the whole trip was a little odd, but he is a guy after all. I am still not sure of his opinion, all I know is a year later, when I wake up for the gym at 6 am I no longer look like I am dead, it takes me half the time it used to to get ready in the morning, I don't have to wear mascara, ever, and I love the way they look. And every two to three weeks, I pop back over to the little brownstone in Belltown, and while I get my extensions "filled" (they are actually lighter than mascara, and naturally shed a few over time), I have the most fabulous chats with Dina, the owner, who is charming and funny and knows a little bit (and alot) about everything. And she doesn't care if you take a 45 minute nap either, although I love our chats best.
Anyway, I have had so many compliments, from everyone, strangers in the grocery store, people at school--everyone except my Mom. She told me they were "too long"--is that even possible? Sorry, Mom, I am pretty sure you think I look like a drag queen, but I love them. xo
Here are some tips about getting lash extensions: Find a properly trained person or you could seriously damage your lashes--Dina and her staff know what they are doing--I am sure there are others out there--but do your homework. Don't go too long between fills or you will have to start all over. Two weeks works for me and its not a big deal time wise. Don't "pet" them--believe me, you won't even realize you are doing it--but it wrecks them. Tears also can cause them to suffer if you rub your eyes during your meltdown. Getting your 40 winks won't wreck them, so don't be paranoid about sleeping!
Now that I have probably weeded out all the people who think its too much effort with that last paragraph, let me just say that for all you girls that welcome a little effort for a lot of fab--this is my number one favorite beauty find--and I am in for the long haul--until they come up with the next great thing!
Details: Dina S. Good Salon, 2604 - 3rd Avenue, Seattle, 98121, 206-462-2268.