color your world

I am a bit of a nail polish junkie. I once became obsessed with owning the Chanel Nail Colour Blue Satin when it came out in limited edition and hunted it down at a Nordstrom not near my home, paid for it in advance and drove half an hour to pick it up. A little over the top? Maybe. But its a classic deep blue that no one can duplicate and it is gorgeous--I always get a ton of compliments. For my birthday I received a delicious Chanel Imperial, a beautiful chocolate color from a friend who knows me well. I love it--and think of all the time she saved me. ;)
A great manicure and pedicure is something that I consider to be not just lovely, but plain old good grooming. Whether your a do it yourself girl or have your favorite neighborhood place, its something that is a must, in my book, especially come summer. I think nails look best kept short, and I like it to be quick, no massages or anything, I'm in and I'm out. I know some people like to bask in the luxury of time at the salon-- I want instant gratification and then I'm not using up any one's precious time, including my own. I am sure this has something to do with the inability to not be able to "do nothing". Anyway, its such a great way to express yourself, perk up your outfit, and just feel pulled together.
How can one not love OPI and their fun names for their polishes--I think that would be a great job--getting to come up with all those awesome color names. I currently a few OPI favorites, including "Chick Flick Cherry", "I'm Not Really A Waitress", "Lincoln Park After Dark:, "International Date Line", and my obsession for over a year now, "You Don't Know Jacques!" And although I love both Chanel and Butter colors, OPI is my favorite for many reasons--they go on and stay on great and they constantly introduce a new collection that keeps on trend for the season and what is going on in fashion. The "Shrek" series, for instance, sounds sort of out there, but you can go to the OPI website at and try on any of their colors on a pretend hand and check it out for yourself. While this isn't quite the same as looking at your own hand, it gives you an idea before you buy. The Alice In Wonderland series, inspired by Tim Burton's latest movie, is so beautiful you might be tempted to step out of your peach polish comfort zone and go for a "Mad As A Hatter" sparkling lavender.
If $12-$24 for nail polish is also not in your comfort zone there is always the drugstore classic, Sally Hansen. Their Instant Dry Fast Dry Nail Polish is exactly what it says, it dries within seconds and becomes mess up proof in half the time of regular polish. And you can go all pink and subtle or Juniper Jade, if you must, your choice.
Get your paws and tootsies ready for summer with a splash of color--and if you must go classic, remember, French manicures are lovely, French pedicures.....not so much!