clip clop

I'm in love. Its true. After months of deliberating about my latest shoe obsession, the clog, I have committed to a pair. I watched many designers trot out this "love it or hate it" shoe this spring--Chanel had a sky high version I coveted but at $1795 they were a little out of my range, Michael Kors camel version of the clog mule was fabulous as well, but I knew I wanted a lower heel for everyday wear and still a funky personality to make it work. One of favorite stops in Fremont, Show Pony, carries the Swedish Sven clog, and it was there that I made my first, but not my last, clog purchase. You custom design your own pair (how fun is that?) and choose from three shoe heights, several styles, and a whole rainbow of colors--from blue patent to sunflower yellow leather. I went for the medium height t-strap in a fun silver metallic--something that will go with shorts, a sundress, or cropped denim. Lest you think clogs are meant for chefs, the Dansko clog being a staple shoe among the culinary set, let me tell you this--these shoes might be comfortable but they are anything but frumpy. (Even the Dansko clog can be ordered in a funky "python" patent design).
This fabulous 70's shoe is going to evolve into a must have for fall in my opinion, and scouting around websites to check out what to buy next, I found a AMAZING and super fun Hasbeen lace up boot in a range of crayola colors (and black) -- a ankle Jodhpur boot, and a knee high version. There are a million choices, and I not talking about garden clogs or Crocs, people. I am going for the lace up boot in a crazy look at me color--and you can find your perfect clog at Show Pony, online at Hasbeen, or take a field trip to the Clog Factory on 1st Ave in Pioneer Square. Sandals now, boots in a couple of months--channel your inner flower child and add these awesome shoes to your closet. You may not be able to sneak up on anyone, but you'll make a statement when you get there! Happy shopping!