the cats meow

My friend Caroline and I have a good laugh every year around this time when the fall look books, magazine forecasts and runway shows all announce "animal prints are in for fall"! Every year. I guess my point is, has they ever been out? The July VOGUE has just previewed fall with lots of chic beige and camel with leopard accessories. Not new, but totally modern and fresh looking.
Animal prints have been in the fashion world for a very long time, if you count back to caveman times, and I am not counting that at all. From being a symbol of royalty, wealth and status in days gone by to a chic addition to your wardrobe, I have always been in love with all the different beautiful animal prints--zebra, giraffe, and my favorite, leopard. A little goes a long way, I am not one for head to toe leopard land, and let me also add that I am speaking of animal PRINTS, not actually animal skins. That is another blog. Lets just stick to the joy of jazzing up your wardrobe!
A couple of years ago I was tempted to buy a pari of Tory Burch leopard knee high boots but never did quite make the purchase. It was too much leopard, even for me. I may change my mind again but at that time I chose a slightly edgier, but less in your face pair of leopard ankle wedge boot, that peeks out of your jeans and winks but doesn't scream at you. I also have a faux leopard coat, a vintage box handbag in a zebra print, giraffe round toe pumps, and several animal print clutches. Choose one piece, a lovely bag, a scarf, belt, or some great shoes--and use it as the accent to your everyday wardrobe--like your fav jeans or a neutral coat. I love animal prints with denim, black or camel and I also love them with a pop of red or bright yellow accent to accompany them, like a bag or scarf. Just make sure its one carefully thought out piece--I still cringe at the thought of my leopard pants I loved 15 years ago and wore quite a bit--yiiiiiikes.
So now that you know animal prints are back (ha ha) for fall, you can have fun this summer hunting around for the perfect piece to add to your fall wardrobe. Check out eBay for some great vintage finds if you like (just make sure they come from a smoke free home) or use to guide you through the jungle of websites to find a little something on the wild side.