white out

While much of the US is getting pounded with crazy winter weather, here in Seattle things are pretty mild.  The days no longer have that bitter cold feel to them, which makes Spring seem closer every day.  I am looking forward to packing away the over the knee boots I seem to have on every single day, along with my puffy coat.
I am also looking forward to brightening up my closet this spring, and by this I actually mean white.  I am not sure who decided that "winter white" (which actually means cream to me) is alright this time of year and bright white is a no no until after Easter, but toss those old fashioned ideas out the window.  Wearing white is a chic & fabulous choice all year round, as long as you have the type & weight of fabric correct for the season.
The Burberry Brit Double Breasted Trench is fabulous example of a classic white jacket that is price wise a bit of an investment, but will be something that you will wear for years to come.  (You can get it in black too if you like.)  And as long as money is no object (ha ha) the Burberry Slim Fit Cotton Pea Coat is amazing.  Back in reality, I love the Tipped Mini-Dot Trench Coat from the store with the rather odd name, White House/Black Market (what? never have gotten it).  For a weekend look, a white denim jacket thrown over a little dress or paired with your favorite jeans gives a great casual look a little panache (but no matching white denim pants--promise me!)
I am really looking forward to all the great white denim that is coming out--and man, its everywhere--so there are lots of options for whatever your style is.  Boyfriend, skinny, cargo, cropped, trouser--I love the look of white jeans, especially with spring's floral print tops, plaid shirts and funky t-shirts.  Make sue the denim is heavy enough that we don't see you or your nude colored unders please.  Love white denim.
Thirdly, a crisp white blouse is a must have for everyone's closet.  Personally, I am a big fan of the tuxedo shirt--it is sexy in a buttoned up way.  JCrew has a gorgeous one, the Thomas Mason fabric tuxedo shirt--pair it with a maxi skirt or dark denim.  A white shirt is also a great way to showcase a great jewelry piece. Just remember you must replace your white tees every year, including the layering tanks.  You may not see it, but they get tired real fast.  It doesn't matter if they are affordable JCrew or Target or a higher end James Perse...there is a point where they just don't have the same wow to them.    The one thing I will say no to in white is shoes.  Unless your getting married, are a small child, or are lucky enough to be able to pull off some funky vintage number, its not a good look.  I don't even like white tennis shoes or trainers, but that's just me.
Is white the new black?  Who cares if its February--its the perfect color for transitioning into a new season.  Check it out for yourself.