hats off to you

Not since Monica Lewinsky's infamous red beret have hats been getting so much attention!  And it seems you are either a wearer of hats or you aren't, but hopefully I can convince you to become one with all the fab choices out there. Hats are perfect for both hiding or drawing a bit of attention, whatever your bag is, and they have many functions: they can hide a bad hair day (baseball hats), tell the world what you do for a living (a chef's toque) or where you are from (as in cowboy hat).  Covering your head can be both functional and an essential part of your ensemble.  I am a lover of hats on occasion, but not one of those people that always wears one, thus avoiding bordering on "quirky".  I'll take risk-taker over quirky, thanks very much.
If you haven't discovered ASOS, the British shopping site that has over 40,0000 designer labels, including their own, including lines for women, men, plus accessories, jewelry & beauty, (not to mention free worldwide shipping)--get yourself online right now and check it out.  I am in love with my ASOS Wide Brim Fedora in a lovely camel felt with a black band.  Cool and chic and great with both a feminine blouse or a military style jacket.  And being a girl from Montana, the cowboy hat is always going to be one of my favorites.
Slouchy knit beanies are a cute right now look, and I have to admit I do have a rabbit fur trapper hat that is so cozy and fun--I bought it last year during a ski trip and have worn it often this winter as well.  My friend Kacy inherited a fabulous fur cossack hat that she describes as a bit "Marge Simpson", but I think looks fantastic on her and all the more fabulous because it is vintage.
If you are in the mood for more a warm weather lid, go for a floppy 70's hat or a straw fedora of some kind.  For the past couple of years I have worn my straw trilby all summer long, with shorts, sun dresses, and my swimsuit at the pool.  So much so its time for a new one.  Grab a girlfriend and hit an accessories department to check out the latest styles first, if you are feeling a little hesitant about what looks best on you.  Being a head case was never so much fun.