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Remember when consignment stores were sketchy, moth ball laden places where polyester went to die?  That was long ago, my friend, and now they are clean, and hip and filled with lovely things that still have the tags on them.  I am sure that the economy has had an impact on this latest surge in recycled clothing, but it no longer has a bad name.  Last fall my neighborhood welcomed a petite new space, My Dressing Room, (and it is about the size of one), but man, is it packed with fabulous stuff.  Louis Vuitton bags for half the retail price, Mui Mui, and Marni, lovely pieces by Chanel, and more affordable labels like Coach and Vince.  At Christmas time I brought in some of my better pieces that no longer worked for me, and ended up with a Juicy Couture butter soft leather motorcycle jacket with the tags still on it--marked down from a $800 to $300.00.   Thanks, Santa.
I mentioned in my New York blog that my friend Kacy found two fabulous dresses at a consignment store--that was one treasure hunt I was not able to go on, sadly.  NYC vintage and consignment shopping could be a whole other trip to the Big Apple.  
Back in Seattle, I have been a big fan of Le Frock on Capital Hill, where you can score vintage finds as well as current labels, keep a sharp eye out while you peruse the rounders and you can find some amazing things.  Show Pony in Fremont has a main floor of new lines and has a great collection of affordable and fabulous consignment upstairs.  My friends and I even had a little consignment party of our own once at my friend, Kari's house.  We cleaned our closets, brought bottles of wine, and put our stuff out for our girlfriends to see.  The only rule was, you were not allowed to say, "You aren't giving that away, are you?!" to anyone.  It was very fun, and we all came away with a few new things, plus had a great girls night in.  
Consignment clothing has been around a long time and for good reason.  You can make a little cash on items that get cleaned out of your own closet, plus find some beautiful pieces for a fraction of their retail value. Instead of just walking by, check out that great neighborhood store or seek out some of your city's well known vintage and consignment spots and stop by from time to time.  What I love the most about it is that it is a great way to add original, chic pieces to your wardrobe.  Love original.  Love vintage.  Remember, something someone else is ready to part with could be your next new favorite.  
Details:  My Dressing Room, 1817 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, 98109.  


  1. Do these places have clothing for men?

  2. Hi Peter--Le Frock does have mens, but My Dressing Room does not. There isn't, sadly, as many mens consignment around and its a bit off my radar, but there is another store I didn't mention, which is Lucky Vintage, in the University District. They have a physical store at 4742 University Way NE in Seattle, and they have a fabulous Facebook page that connects you to Ebay and Etsy. Great photos, fabulous finds. Check it out.


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