a little sparkle

I have sparkly things on my mind these days since acquiring a new piece of jewelry yesterday.  'Tis the season for jewels, being the month of February, right? This is also the time of year that my friend, jewelry designer Juliet Roger, shows her pre-Spring/Summer line of designs and today I stopped by her studio for a look.  And let me just say that it took every bit of self control I have to leave there empty handed, thank you very much.  Don't worry, I will be back next Friday, February 11th, for her trunk show and I know what's coming home with me.  Juliet told me today that summer is her favorite time of year to design for because of all the beautiful stone colors, like turquoise and coral, that make a statement and really stand out against your skin.  You can see your jewelry more and that is an opportunity to have more fun with it.
I have been collecting Juliet designs over the past seven years and without a doubt wear her bangles the most.  Her newest ones have large and small stones intermixed and have a gorgeous heavy feel to them that is pure luxury.  Of course hoops are a must have during the summer months, and so it was great to see she has also expanded her stone laden gold hoops in three sizes.  Fabulous.  I also loved all the long chains she is showing, some layered in threes, some with a large bauble anchoring them.  Several designs had a great Bohemian feel to them that is very au courant.
Want to see for yourself?  Stop by Juliet's Queen Anne studio on Friday, February 11 from 9:30 - 9:00 or Saturday, February 12 from 10-4.  Please call 206-282-3300 for address and directions.  See you there--and Happy Valentines Day.