Make A Statement: My Three Favorite Things

 Photography by Theresa Wingert

My friend and neighbor Theresa Wingert happens to not only be an extremely accomplished person, she is also incredibly lovely to spend time with. My photographer Krissi and I have had opposite travel plans over the summer, so rather than let the blog sit, I asked Theresa if she wouldn’t mind doing some photos with me. Theresa isn’t just any old neighbor, she is a director of commercials, music videos and short films as well as an accomplished printmaker, photographer and multi-media artist. She not only agreed, she came with ideas for great spots for photos and her intuitive creativity going full board. We even grabbed my daughter Gracie, whom Theresa adores, to help us Instagram some shots. We dashed to places Theresa had noticed on her walks through Queen Anne and ended up at what turned out to be my favorite spot, a wood shop near Fremont with the most incredible spaces and light in the midst of a very down to earth work space.

The magic of Theresa’s eye and the setting made for some great shots, and it got me to thinking about what it is like to model as an older woman. After all, this blog isn't only a celebration of style, it is a very personal diary of what it looks and feels like to be a fashion writer in the middle of my aging. Recently, while reading the runway reports for Fall 2016, I came across a Vogue article on Jun Takahashi of Undercover. He presented his collection on models in a wide variety of age groups, from the young to the silver haired. I am not launching a career in modeling, but at the same time I would love to see it as the norm that women my age and beyond appear in amazing clothes as part of print and live runway.  That being said, I am available for your next photo shoot. ☺

Over the past seasons there are certain kinds of things that I gravitate to again and again for my closet (like perhaps the bracelet I am wearing that has shown up in almost every photo shoot this summer) While the pieces may alter, the love never does for these three favorites of mine.


Leather pants and skirts are my favorite way to look chic and pulled together in an edgy way. Fit is huge when you wear leather, it has to be just the right amount of not too tight, not too loose. Since the 2014 Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection where designer Deborah Roberts and her line, Silvae, were the winners of the Independent Designer Runway Show, I have been a fan. I bought this Beckley Grid Skirt from Silvae this past year and it has been a favorite of mine. The grid leather skirt has a longer outer shell and a silk crepe chine printed lining. I paired it with another favorite, leather perforated Noelle booties by rag & bone. Here is a similar pair.

 Off The Shoulder

Shoulders don’t age, right? And the off the shoulder trend is a very flattering one, and can easily move from summer into fall. This black off the shoulder silk blouse by Rebecca Minkoff has made a lot of appearances and with good reason. It is sexy and sweet and super chic. When the cooler weather hits look for a cold shoulder sweater or long sleeved off the shoulder blouse. This type of blouse is a great background for a killer necklace.Which leads us to my third favorite closet item...

Statement Jewelry

I love, love, love statement jewelry. Whether it is a pair of go-big-or-go-home earrings or a off the hook necklace, there is not better way to make an impact than a statement accessory. That being said, make sure you don’t compete with a big look like this with the rest of your outfit. Even though each of the pieces I am wearing have personality, I let the necklace shine by keeping the whole look monochromatic. It makes it simple but chic. I had an afternoon by myself when we were in Rome this summer and this necklace was in the window of a Malloni store, pulling me right in. The leather collar and chain and leather fringe are magnificent. It is beautiful with a summer blouse but I will definitely be wearing this piece all winter. I cannot find mine online but there are others here, here and here.

I usually have a gut feeling about something that I know will be a great addition to my closet, but often it is in taking a risk that I have had some of my greatest successes. Having favorites doesn't limit you or make you "stuck" in a certain look. It is what makes a statement about YOU. It is also a platform for trying new things; after all, what makes you look great is what makes you feel great too. xx