Be Mine: The Art of The Handbag Collection

Our trip to Europe this past June included a special trip to the Gucci store in Rome, a total candy store for those of us who have a handbag obsession. I have been coveting Gucci again since the Alessandro Michele took over as creative director at the fashion house in 2015. Since Michele has been at the helm of the brand, he has given Gucci a multifaceted depth that gives a nod to its history while creating a unique future. The brand is iconic, sure, but now it is also modern and eclectic.

The Gucci Bee Web Shoulder Bag, image courtesy of Gucci
The Gucci GG Blooms Collection is a real stunner, as is the Arabesque Collection; taking stand-out style to the next level. But I longed for the classic red and green stripe of Gucci, and when I saw the Gucci Bee Web Shoulder Bag, well, I was smitten. The original GG canvas, iconic stripes and little embroidered gold bee made it the perfect cross body bag--my go-to bag for when I am a busy bee. :)

My vintage zebra bag from eBay and Zara box clutch

I have always viewed my handbags as a little extension of myself and the cherry on top of my look for the day. I have a stash of vintage bags, large totes, small clutches, trendy pieces and a few iconic bags. Stella McCartney, Chanel, Chloe, Celine, and Marni are some of my pieces that I hope will someday be cherished by my daughter as much as they are by me. I didn't buy them overnight either; it is a collection that has grown over years, sometimes made through a consignment find, purchased for a special occasion, or chosen because it had a unique element to it. My current Gucci obsession aside, a bag doesn't need a designer price tag to win me over, but it does have to have be cool in its own unique way. Every bag I have has a story that is part of my own story, like my mother's beaded handbag I inherited or the Louis Vuitton I got for my 50th birthday.

Photo by Theresa Wingert

A really beautifully made bag will remain a integral part of your wardrobe your whole life, and can even be passed on to future generations, making it a worthy investment whose value increases both in sentiment and dollars. That being said, finding cool vintage bags and fun trendy pieces is important in creating a collection of bags that are well rounded, useful and fun. What is the best way to have a great collection of bags? Keep your eye out for vintage bags on eBay, check out designer consignment sales, and look into fun, yet inexpensive pieces for trends. Most importantly, think about your lifestyle and what you need most in a bag before you make an investment. A thoughtful purchase is usually one without regrets. Happy hunting.

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  1. Lisa- it was so wonderful to meet you at Style Lab last weekend! So nice to meet some other 40+ ladies, and you were so kind to chat with me. Love your blog. My husband and I are going to Paris in two weeks and I'm hoping to buy a bag to remember the trip! Hopefully we'll run into each other again soon!

  2. Great to meet you too Lana! I love Le Bon Marche for getting a special bag. I bought my Chloe one there last trip. They have it all!


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