DIY and The Ribbon Tie Ballet Flat

The last thing I am is the queen of DIY. I actually dislike crafty sorts of projects even though I am artistic. I have successfully dodged being in charge of any type of art project for my children's grade and middle school for the past dozen years. I never scrap booked or sewed or modge podged. My Pinterest boards are gathering dust. That is not to say I couldn't do it....I just often don't want to. Do It Yourself for me usually ends up a little less than at standard, mostly because while I don't lack the talent, I do lack the patience. Anyway, somehow over the past couple of weeks I keep coming up with these little DIY ideas that are related to things I covet for fall. And the staff is starting to recognize me at the nearby fabric things must be getting bad.

I am in love with the ballet inspired trend for fall and last week I bought a sweet pair of ballets, the Free People's Degas Flats, which are a traditional little round toe ballet with thick grosgrain ribbon ties that go around your ankles. They are lovely and I know I will wear them a lot, but once I received them in the mail I got to thinking, "I could easily make these!" Trouble.

I tore down to Nancy's Sewing Basket and dashed for the ribbon room. After choosing a beautiful bias cut silk ribbon in dark blue with black edges I headed for home to look for a pair of neglected ballet flats from my closet. Believe it or not I have a pair of Lanvin black ballet flats with silk roses on the toe that I have not worn in over a year. Shameful. :) I pulled them from their box and got out the Unique Stitch fabric glue yet again. Was I really going to put fabric glue on my Lanvins? Yes, I was. And did. I measured the blue silk ribbon and glued the ribbon similar to where it was placed on my Free People Pair, right on the inside sole of the shoe above the label, which is right past the heel.

And the result? I LOVE them. They are beautiful and it was so crazy easy it hardly qualifies as a DIY "project" at all. The silk ribbon also has a bit of stretch, so the ribbons stay tied and move with my legs without falling down.  I like them tied double right above my ankle and the blue ribbon against the black shoe is quite chic. I think I did Jeanne Lanvin proud.