Wednesday, June 29, 2011

knee deep

There is a woman whose children attend the same school as mine, and she is one of those people you just have to look at.  She has that something something.  It turns out she is Italian, and well, for me that explains a lot about the creative and beautiful way she dresses.  She is one of those people who inspires you to try something new, see your closet in a new light--sort of like when I look at the photographs of the fabulous blog, The Sartorialist.
After politely admiring each other for the past couple of years as we dashed in and out of school with our children, we finally met at a party.  She was lovely and fun and while we were chatting I noticed her socks.  Yes, her socks.  She was wearing a pretty circle skirt with the most beautiful pair of over the knee black opaque socks that were connected to a delicate garter.  And trust me, this was no Victoria Secret get-up.  It was a cool, and well, sexy, but daytime look and not in a in your face way.  Back in November when Kacy and I went on our glorious trip to NYC I purchased a couple of pairs of over the knee socks to wear with skinny jeans or tights peeking out of boots.  This is a different twist on that and she told me they were the Italian brand, Calzedonia.  Alas, a search has so far showed no source for purchasing this brand online.  (If someone knows different--please let me know).  Rats.
The good news I did find a totally American source, JCrew, that had the look I was going for (minus the cool garter) with a great Thigh High that I am apparently wait listed for and will ship sometime in August.  I can live with that.
Keep the look from being over the top by pairing your new pair of over the knee socks that you are going to purchase after reading this :)--with a pair of flats.  You can do a chunky heel if you are a braver sort, just no high heels please.  Its an interesting and fun way to wear a summer skirt or dress up a pair of shorts in an original way.  Cheers!

Monday, June 27, 2011

fringe benefits

I have to admit, I think a little boho goes a long way, but my latest obsession in jewelry touches into the boho and the rock and roll worlds equally.  I am loving the look of the tassel, especially in a necklace.  At a recent private shopping event at the Fremont's hip boutique, Show Pony, I bought the Daly Bird "Kelly" necklace is super soft black leather.  The photo doesn't do it justice--it hangs long and is a mix of the metal back chain connected to braided leather and a long tassel.  Its statement without the flash, and no one will ever accuse me of swiping it off my curtains.  Its too cool for that.
House of Harlow 1960 (aka Nicole Richie--whose style I love), makes a funky Tasseled Crescent Cuff that is different & fun and the detail fringe on it isn't so long it will end up in your salad when you eat. :) I have a fun ring along the same lines that I purchased from JewelMint called the Liberty Ring, that has a mix of metals and a small metal fringe piece hanging off the top--it can be a bit tricky to wear if you aren't used to that much movement in a ring but I have received a ton of compliments on it.  And one of my favorite pair of earrings I discovered in a little boutique about five years ago that have a beautiful long silver fringe hanging off the bottom of them, slightly disco look.  Love them still.
Back to our friend, the tassel.  If you really want to go crazy, there is the Tiffany 18 Rose Gold Fringe Tassel Earrings, but you know what they say, if you have to ask the price....
Personally, I'd save myself a couple grand and go for the BCBGeneration Chain Reaction Earrings in Rose Gold or the gorgeous ABS by Allen Schwartz Fringe Earrings.
When it comes to a tassel necklace, it isn't necessary to go big or go home, but depending on your personal style, some of the more statement pieces are definitely worth a look.  I love Juicy Couture's "Laurel Canyon" Dip Dye Fringe Necklace--it has crystal strands intermixed with mixed metals that have an ombre look to them--oooh, and look-- it is on sale! JC's jewelry has a great quality feel to it--so sale pieces are always a treasure.  Or go for the more hippy chick look with a braided leather piece, like the Catherine Stein Braided Leather Necklace with Beaded Tassel Accent.
Accessorize your summer wardrobe with something a little on the will give that summer sundress or GNO top the little extra special something it needs to be so you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

lace up

No, not your sneakers.  Its time to tap into your feminine side by adding some lace to your summer wardrobe, so stash that LBD in the back of the closet and replace it with a white crochet or lace frock for summer festivities.  If you are the sort that dresses with a more minimalist approach, never fear, you don't have to be all boho about it--lace dressing can be rock and roll or just plain cool, as in this Trina Turk Belted Serpentine Lace Dress.  I like the color and the leather in the belt makes it more edgy.  My other favorite is Topshop's Cream Lace 50's Dress with its gorgeous overlay and sexy back.
Today I found an awesome pair of lace shorts, stay with me here, at H&M and they are fantastic!  They are a very soft pink lace paperbag style, and I paired them with a super sheer top of the same color with a cami underneath and tucked in to show the paperbag waist. I think they will be also be great with a solid tank in black or white and chunky wedges.  Sorry to say I do not have a link to show you but lets just say its love love love.  They are a great length and are beautiful me.
No one holds a candle to Valentino when its comes to a lace embellished handbag, but if you are not wanting to invest in that little piece of loveliness, there are several great selections at that fit the bill in a more reasonable price range. Personally, I would go vintage when it comes to accessories.  Check out eBay or hunt through your neighborhood consignment or vintage clothing stores for unique pieces that are trendy but original.  I am going to have to go with the only place I am not wild about lace is on my feet...just doesn't work for me.....don't do it.
Of course the most popular lace is what goes underneath, but that is an easy one.  Hanky Panky, Cosabella, or Commando all make lovely lacy things that make the lacy number on the outside look all the better.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

coral reef

I tell you, a trip to a Barneys sale is better than Prozac for me! (not that I take it...I'd rather workout, shop or complain to my girlfriends over a beverage...but anyway...)  The sun is out, its warmer than 45 degrees, and well, I got a little lift from a color that in the past has reminded me of that icky lipstick shade old ladies wear (no offense).
Coral, according to Wikipedia, is a reddish or pinkish shade of orange.  It can be bright or pastel, and I totally fell in love with it today.  It said SUMMER to me.  The nice thing about coral is that depending on the shade you choose, it is universally flattering, and even seems to give the skin a little glow.  I am glad I rethought my previous feelings about the color, because it is actually very complimentary as a pop against a neutral, such as taupe, grey or white.  The Remain Sleeveless Cowl Neck Tank I found at Nordstrom is gorgeous, super flattering and at $58.00 a great price point. Layer a neutral racer back tank underneath it, since it is a tissue like fabric.  Even more wallet friendly is the H&M jersey racerback tank in apricot, or you can get all fancy on me and rock the Haute Hippie Open Shoulder Silk Blouse.
When we were in Palm Springs in March I found a cool 60's carved resin bracelet in a soft coral color and plan on stacking it up with mixed metal bangles.  Vintage shops are a great place to find pieces, my favorite local place is Rhinestone Rosie, an absolute treasure trove of a store in my Queen Anne neighborhood--I never leave empty handed!  Real coral jewelry is actually the traditional gift to give someone for their 35th wedding anniversary, but before purchasing the real deal, do your homework regarding authenticity & endangerment issues.  If you are happy with the mere color, check out this funky Zad Coral Necklace made out of beads--so fun.  It is a color that is even flattering as a home accent, my friend Aysin has a few beautifully placed coral accents against the black and white in her house and it has a truly stunning effect.
Whether its a top, accessory, handbag, or even makeup (just not that scary old lady color, please), add some warmth to your wardrobe with a shade of coral.  Scuba mask not required.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

snake in the grass

Animal prints are always in fashion, especially come fall, but now that it is summer I love, in particular, the look of snakeskin.  Love the way it looks against tan skin, it has a coolness that is sexy without being in your face.  Let me say for the sake of being PC, that nearly all of the snakeskin I possess is that of a faux nature.  That, along with a true crocodile, is one of the most elegant things you can touch. Be that as it may, many still cannot stomach the nature of its origin, or maybe just can't afford its high price tag, but there are many ways to emulate the elegance of the reptile with a guilt free conscience.  
One of my favorite denim makers, Joe's Jeans, makes a fantastic style called The Ankle Chelsea, in a Snakeskin print, and I was lucky enough to score a pair from HauteLook, the website that hosts private limited time sale events on luxury brands.  They came just in time for me to rock them at the U2 concert on Saturday--yes!
If you are not quite the girl who slithers about in snakeskin print pants, you can add the look with accessories.  There are a zillion styles of shoes with snakeskin embellishments in a range of price ranges.  I purchased the Tory Burch Reva Grey Snake Ballet Flats at least four years ago and they are my go to shoe this time of year.  Worth every cent.  Jimmy Choo's Snake Embossed Espadrille are fantastic with their slingback and peep toe, but last year I bought the Ruby & Bloom "Camilla" Espadrille for a fraction of the cost, plus they are beautiful and you can run fast in them.  Or dance.  :)
And don't get me started on handbags.  Oh, ok.  Well, what is cooler than a snake embossed clutch?  DVF has the real deal (Indonesian watersnake) with her sassy Lytton Clutch--I love the coral and black number.  Or you can fake it in a good way with the Annabel Ingall "Magic Snake" Pleated Clutch at Nordstrom.  Actually, a trip through any department store, boutique, low and high end place can turn up a bit of slithery stuff--from bikinis to bangles to boots, it is everywhere.  
Ok, so it is June 1st and I have decided that no matter what the thermometer says outside my back door, I am joining Slytherin House this summer.  Sorry, Harry. You can't always be the good guy, right?