coral reef

I tell you, a trip to a Barneys sale is better than Prozac for me! (not that I take it...I'd rather workout, shop or complain to my girlfriends over a beverage...but anyway...)  The sun is out, its warmer than 45 degrees, and well, I got a little lift from a color that in the past has reminded me of that icky lipstick shade old ladies wear (no offense).
Coral, according to Wikipedia, is a reddish or pinkish shade of orange.  It can be bright or pastel, and I totally fell in love with it today.  It said SUMMER to me.  The nice thing about coral is that depending on the shade you choose, it is universally flattering, and even seems to give the skin a little glow.  I am glad I rethought my previous feelings about the color, because it is actually very complimentary as a pop against a neutral, such as taupe, grey or white.  The Remain Sleeveless Cowl Neck Tank I found at Nordstrom is gorgeous, super flattering and at $58.00 a great price point. Layer a neutral racer back tank underneath it, since it is a tissue like fabric.  Even more wallet friendly is the H&M jersey racerback tank in apricot, or you can get all fancy on me and rock the Haute Hippie Open Shoulder Silk Blouse.
When we were in Palm Springs in March I found a cool 60's carved resin bracelet in a soft coral color and plan on stacking it up with mixed metal bangles.  Vintage shops are a great place to find pieces, my favorite local place is Rhinestone Rosie, an absolute treasure trove of a store in my Queen Anne neighborhood--I never leave empty handed!  Real coral jewelry is actually the traditional gift to give someone for their 35th wedding anniversary, but before purchasing the real deal, do your homework regarding authenticity & endangerment issues.  If you are happy with the mere color, check out this funky Zad Coral Necklace made out of beads--so fun.  It is a color that is even flattering as a home accent, my friend Aysin has a few beautifully placed coral accents against the black and white in her house and it has a truly stunning effect.
Whether its a top, accessory, handbag, or even makeup (just not that scary old lady color, please), add some warmth to your wardrobe with a shade of coral.  Scuba mask not required.