snake in the grass

Animal prints are always in fashion, especially come fall, but now that it is summer I love, in particular, the look of snakeskin.  Love the way it looks against tan skin, it has a coolness that is sexy without being in your face.  Let me say for the sake of being PC, that nearly all of the snakeskin I possess is that of a faux nature.  That, along with a true crocodile, is one of the most elegant things you can touch. Be that as it may, many still cannot stomach the nature of its origin, or maybe just can't afford its high price tag, but there are many ways to emulate the elegance of the reptile with a guilt free conscience.  
One of my favorite denim makers, Joe's Jeans, makes a fantastic style called The Ankle Chelsea, in a Snakeskin print, and I was lucky enough to score a pair from HauteLook, the website that hosts private limited time sale events on luxury brands.  They came just in time for me to rock them at the U2 concert on Saturday--yes!
If you are not quite the girl who slithers about in snakeskin print pants, you can add the look with accessories.  There are a zillion styles of shoes with snakeskin embellishments in a range of price ranges.  I purchased the Tory Burch Reva Grey Snake Ballet Flats at least four years ago and they are my go to shoe this time of year.  Worth every cent.  Jimmy Choo's Snake Embossed Espadrille are fantastic with their slingback and peep toe, but last year I bought the Ruby & Bloom "Camilla" Espadrille for a fraction of the cost, plus they are beautiful and you can run fast in them.  Or dance.  :)
And don't get me started on handbags.  Oh, ok.  Well, what is cooler than a snake embossed clutch?  DVF has the real deal (Indonesian watersnake) with her sassy Lytton Clutch--I love the coral and black number.  Or you can fake it in a good way with the Annabel Ingall "Magic Snake" Pleated Clutch at Nordstrom.  Actually, a trip through any department store, boutique, low and high end place can turn up a bit of slithery stuff--from bikinis to bangles to boots, it is everywhere.  
Ok, so it is June 1st and I have decided that no matter what the thermometer says outside my back door, I am joining Slytherin House this summer.  Sorry, Harry. You can't always be the good guy, right?