knee deep

There is a woman whose children attend the same school as mine, and she is one of those people you just have to look at.  She has that something something.  It turns out she is Italian, and well, for me that explains a lot about the creative and beautiful way she dresses.  She is one of those people who inspires you to try something new, see your closet in a new light--sort of like when I look at the photographs of the fabulous blog, The Sartorialist.
After politely admiring each other for the past couple of years as we dashed in and out of school with our children, we finally met at a party.  She was lovely and fun and while we were chatting I noticed her socks.  Yes, her socks.  She was wearing a pretty circle skirt with the most beautiful pair of over the knee black opaque socks that were connected to a delicate garter.  And trust me, this was no Victoria Secret get-up.  It was a cool, and well, sexy, but daytime look and not in a in your face way.  Back in November when Kacy and I went on our glorious trip to NYC I purchased a couple of pairs of over the knee socks to wear with skinny jeans or tights peeking out of boots.  This is a different twist on that and she told me they were the Italian brand, Calzedonia.  Alas, a search has so far showed no source for purchasing this brand online.  (If someone knows different--please let me know).  Rats.
The good news I did find a totally American source, JCrew, that had the look I was going for (minus the cool garter) with a great Thigh High that I am apparently wait listed for and will ship sometime in August.  I can live with that.
Keep the look from being over the top by pairing your new pair of over the knee socks that you are going to purchase after reading this :)--with a pair of flats.  You can do a chunky heel if you are a braver sort, just no high heels please.  Its an interesting and fun way to wear a summer skirt or dress up a pair of shorts in an original way.  Cheers!