The Hit List: My 10 Favorite Zara Pieces

High/low style is a signature way of dressing for me. I try to limit my fast fashion purchases due to its long term environmental impact, and I find dressing in head to toe designer without imagination, which means mixing it up is key for me. I am happy to have found beautiful pieces from Zara's Join Life sustainable collection and have included several on my list. Zara created Join Life in 2016 as part of a commitment by parent company Inditex to strengthen its sustainability commitments, and the latest from the contemporary clothing line does not disappoint.

Known for their "creative take" on runway style, Zara keeps the trends cranking through their stores, sometimes to their detriment. Once I took a jacket that had very cool embroidery work on it to the register to purchase and the salesperson took it away from me and said she couldn't sell it to me. I was dumbfounded. And frankly, I wanted to grab it back from her and demand she ring it up. But alas, it appears it was too close to an original piece from Gucci and the big G had lawyered up.

Attorneys aside, I have a strategy for shopping at Zara. First, I love to look and see what is new and since that can be overwhelming, I often look online first. It is fun to just browse in the stores as well since you never know what will strike your fancy, but be careful. I find that that is often when fashion mistakes and decisions resulting in future returns are made. I find it better to head out with a brief shopping list composed, if only in my head. As in, "I am going to check out the new Zara coats"....and if I see a sequin sweater than, well, that is ok too!

Also, I know that people love the sales at Zara but I am not one of them. The chaos of the sale section gives me anxiety. I mean, it is already on sale anyhow, since its Zara! I'll leave the digging through piles to others.

While summer is still in full swing, this is definitely a perfect time to get transition pieces that will be great now and into the fall months ahead. Here are my 10 favorite Zara pieces at the moment, and remember, if you love it, buy it. Because its's Zara....they don't restock, they move on. Happy hunting!

Poplin Blouse with Tie

I love the high collar on this cotton poplin blouse and the drama of the details. The self tie can be wrapped around and around the neck to create an accessory like feel to it. I have been seeing a lot of high collars this fall and I love it. Fabulous and $49.90.

Poplin Blouse with Bow

I took this blouse to Paris with me this summer and it was so chic with everything I wore with it. The bow gives it a feminine vibe without being too sweet, and I love the way it shows off one shoulder. Its super crisp even after multiple washings and is such a chic take on the classic white blouse. Another hit at $49.90. 

Multicolored Sequin Sweater

This multicolored sequin cropped sweater is a bit sheer and is unlined, so if you get itchy easy, it isn't for you. I loved it so much when I saw it, and sized up to make it a bit slouchy. You could dress it up but I wore it with a pair of distressed long denim shorts and snake print orange slides for a fun casual vibe. $49.90.

Slingback Leather Heels with Brooch

I mean, wow. I was like a bee to honey when I saw these red suede Slingback Heels in the store. I love the red suede and the kitten heel and the sparkly buckle. I also like mixing dressier pieces with casual, so these babies will be perfect with denim in my world. Put on your red shoes and dance with happiness at this find. $89.90. 

 Semi Sheer Embroidered Top

The Semi Sheer Embroidered Blouse is one of my favorite finds because of its lovely details. I wore my prettiest bra underneath it and had in one in a previous post with a plaid suit for a bit of a masculine/feminine vibe. I think it would be gorgeous with a high waisted skirt or leather pants too. $49.90

Belted Denim Jacket

The Belted Denim Jacket has a modern silhouette that makes it very versatile. It is a dressed down version of a blazer that would be great for work, and for heading out after 5 pm. The belted waist gives the jacket (and you) a shape that is flattering and a nice change from the boyfriend versions. $69.90 ( I also love this Join Life belted one in Khaki.)

JOIN LIFE Edited  Sweatshirt 

with Voluminous Sleeves & Personalization

As I mentioned above, in 2016 Zara developed a sustainable collection, Join Life, as part of a commitment by parent company Inditex to strengthen its sustainability commitments. The new contemporary clothing line is made with forest friendly and animal friendly materials, such as organic cotton, recycled wool and Tencel. This Edited Sweatshirt with voluminous sleeves comes with an option of personalization, either on the back or on the left front. I ordered it with a little French word on the front, just for fun. $29.90.

JOIN LIFE Gold Leather Mid Heeled Ankle Boots

I am a sucker for metallics and I also LOVE a pointy toe and not too high of a heel. These JOIN LIFE Leather Mid-Height Ankle Boots were a perfect match for me because they checked all the boxes and because they are rock star cool. Even better, they are made with leather tanned using sustainable methods and are certified from Leather Working Group, using renewable energy and technology that reduces water use. Look good, feel good. $129.00

Wrinkle Look Dress

Despite its rather uninspiring name, the Wrinkle Look Dress, isn't that wrinkly and I found it to be very summer chic. It is a floor length maxi on me at 5' 5", so I wore it with both flats and a wedge sandal, although stairs were tricky with the former. It is both caftan roomy and slightly see through, so I wore my strapless Natori Benefit Convertible Black Slip that had a loose fit and I was perfectly comfortable in the Paris heat. $49.90

Beaded Crossbody Box Bag

I have been told I have a small bag obsession, and I am ok with this. I mean, good things come in small packages, right? This swingy little box bag is sassy yet sophisticated and the combination of black and white with gold, plus a tassle? You simply can't say no. $49.90

It was hard to make a list of just ten pieces because there is a lot to love right now at Zara. All of these picks are pieces that I think stand out and that I purchased or would like to have in my own closet. Seven out of the ten are under $50, and several of them are from the sustainable line Join Life.  Happy shopping, friends.


Images courtesy of Zara.