Show Your Stripes: Olive Green for Summer

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

Stripes are the quintessential look of the breezy days of summer, but they also are a great "neutral" to mix and match with your warm weather pieces. When one hears the word, neutral, it is easy to think of beige, gray or black. A modern approach to neutrals is using prints or stripes as your base, or neutral piece.  Then, pair it with something unexpected, like an olive green. Summery stripes mixed with a edgier hue still look summery, but with that little something extra that is well, cool.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending The Mixed Media Wearable Art Collection at the Vera Project x Union Bay event, hosted by Baby & Company. The event featured pieces from Union Bay, like army and denim jackets, that were recreated, embellished and designed by local artists and designers. The project benefited The Vera Project, a Seattle nonprofit which fosters creative culture for young people through music, arts programs, experimental learning and more. Not only was supporting young artists and musicians a great cause, the pieces in the collection were one of a kind and amazing.

I also found this stunning Malene Birger Pracia Ring in silver while I was shopping at Baby & Company. I don't think I have taken it off since I bought it!  Baby & Company always has the most unique and beautiful accessories. It is a curated collection that is so well thought out. I love it.

I spotted this army swing style jacket designed by Kayla Gates Frazier as soon as I arrived at the soiree and immediately bought it. It's denim ruffle and paint detailing really grabbed me. Apparently it grabbed a lot of people, because the SOLD sign they placed on the mannequin disappointed quite a few shoppers. I high fived myself for my decisiveness, which means I am now the proud owner of this great jacket. I loved the edgy cool vibe and the fact that it is an original piece created by a local designer. I can't wait to see what else Kayla has in store.

Army green, best without the yellowish tint on me, is one of my favorite colors of denim when I want to get away from blue or black. The color is amazing paired with black, dark gray or cream and white, but don't just stop there. Paired with a classic summer blue and white top lightens up the look for a bit of summer in an unexpected way.

I was suffering through a visit to Forever 21 with my teenage daughter a month ago and found this top for myself. Normally the place makes me crazy, but it does do fast fashion super fast, and in the summertime I don't mind the price tag of a trendy piece. This one covers summer stripes, off the shoulder, bell sleeves and tie embellishments all in one $20 top. And I loved it with the olive pants.

And speaking of these pants, they are another great summer find. A Zara everyday denim with a mid rise, they are super flattering. I have worn them with heels and a dressier top for a night out too. They are a great little pair of denim in a lighter summer fabric that is soft but doesn't get baggy. 

These Prada neutral flatform sandals are a chic way to pull this together, but I wouldn't shy away from a great leopard or floral print sandal, or even denim. It is the perfect time to be bold, if the mood strikes you. 

A fresh take on how to show your stripes? Stripes x olive green = the perfect summertime look. xx