Modern Mama: Five Jewelry Pieces for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner and so this week the hunt is underway to be thoughtful, yet original in showing your love for Mom. Flowers are always lovely, as are pampering spa treatments, brunches and of course homemade gifts that celebrate Mom and all she does. But I always like a little something sparkly, a bit of frosting, so to speak. Not exactly pearls either, not that there is anything wrong with that. :) But I love a standout piece of jewelry that defines my look as well as stands out on   its own. Bigger than life earrings, unique materials and interesting combinations really make me happy.

These five pieces are distinctly modern and are one of the beautiful ways to show Mama big love. Take a look.

Image via FARIS 

I requested and was given the FARIS LadyDay Earrings for Christmas and love them. Designed by Faris Du Graf in Seattle, Washington, this jewelry designer continues to knock it out of the park with unique rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The bold architectural pieces have a warmth to them that show a distinct accessible beauty. The SWAYDAY Drops takes the LadyDay flower and hang it off a slight metal bar where it can sway like petals in the breeze. I love the movement of this modern feminine pair. There is a sterling silver set with onyx stone or the bronze set show above with aventurine stone. Completely gorgeous.

Gilded Spectrum Choker by Roxanne Assoulin
Image via Roxanne Assoulin 

New York based Roxanne Assoulin has created refreshingly simple jewelry that is both chic and original. A seasoned industry veteran with over 37 years in the business, Assoulin's resume includes Marc Jacobs, Stephen Spouse and Oscar de la Renta as well as Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters. Her pieces use simple colored and metallic enameled tiles, some encrusted with Swarovski crystals, that can be worn stacked up or by themselves. The originality of her collection shine with optimism and a low maintenance high style. The Gilded Spectrum Choker is my pick, but I also love the City Lights Spectrum Choker and her awesome Dot Dot Dot earring sets. Incidentally, her daughter-in-law is Rosie Assoulin, also a New York fashion designer and the 2015 CFDA Swarovski Womenswear Winner. Talented family. 

Rhapsody Crown by Lei Beila 
Image via Lei Beila

Jewelry Designer Aimee Oberstein attended Cornish College of the Arts and after graduating and receiving her BFA from Cornish in 2010, she began her company, Leia Beila, located here in Seattle. Aimee derived the business name “Leia Beila” from her late mother’s name, Linda Beth, who was an art teacher. Honoring her mother with a business based on art and beauty with purpose could not be a more fitting tribute. Leia Beila specializes in handmade fine jewelry, with each of her pieces being unique and original. The Rhapsody Crown choker necklace brings the beauty and meaningful materials of hand cut crystals and a copper bezel and cuff together to make one powerful piece of jewelry. Her website features this piece on someone wearing a plaid shirt, which shows its versatility in design. I love this necklace so much, and I also love it's name. Because what mother doesn't need a crown. 

Carrie Cramer French Bulldog Pendant Necklace 
Image via Favery

If your Mama considers the family pet one of her children, this is the perfect gift for her. Carrie Cramer has made a series of beautiful necklaces of the silhouettes of various dog breeds (or a unicorn or cat if you are so inclined). This French Bulldog pendant comes on an adjustable gold chain and is as delicate and sweet as they come.  The necklaces can be ordered with our without the diamond collars, and when you purchase one at Favery you can add custom engraving up to 10 characters on the back of the pendant for an additional $50.00. Each necklace is custom made in Los Angeles, making them a lovely and thoughtful way to celebrate family in all its forms. 

The Bluma Project Tassel Earrings
Image via Bluma Project

Tassels are a big trend for spring and summer where they adorn clothing, accessories, bags and more. I love this Bluma Project pair because they are gray, which means they will go with a ton of summer neutrals as well as color. (Oh, and they are on sale at anthropologie right now) They are also on the larger side, making them unique looking and easy to see. The Bluma Project offers a collection of pieces that are handmade in Peru, Guatemala, India, the Phillippines and Brooklyn, New York. Founder Beth Schaeffer works with artisans in the regions she visits to collaborate on colorful and modern jewels and accessories. The Bluma Project employs and empowers women artisans globally, making these a gift that gives back. What a perfect way to celebrate motherhood. 

Mother's Day has been a bittersweet holiday for me for a long time. When I struggled with infertility and longed to be a mother myself it was a constant reminder of loss and longing. Yet I had an amazing mother of my own that I was close to and loved with all my heart, so I celebrated the beauty of that relationship. When we adopted two children from South Korea over a three year period, I saw Mother's Day as a celebration of our beautiful family and of the women a world away who had shared their greatest gifts with my husband and I. I always remember them on Mother's Day. When my Mother passed away from ALS, the day took on a sorrow that still stays with me even six years later. Even so, I am grateful and happy for the beautiful family I have been given and for the opportunity to be a mother to Gracie and Oliver. They are my purpose and my life. 
Happy Mothers Day to all of you! 

Featured image via anthropologie.