Time to Shine

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

Today is my birthday. I am 55. I remember when my Dad turned 55, he called it being "the double nickel" which I remember finding very amusing...until I was ME that was the double nickel. Actually, I love my birthday and I always have. It may not be cool to love one's birthday but I stopped worrying about whether I was cool or not a long time ago, and besides, birthdays are a gift. They are a privilege, not a right and I am acutely aware of that with each passing year. I feel happy and loved and isn't that what birthdays are all about?

I don't have any wise words about aging, I am figuring it out as I go along. But I wouldn't trade my current self for all the perfect smooth skin in the world. One of the true joys of aging for me is with the passing of time the feelings of love, of gratitude and of happiness grow stronger. Love is a powerful thing. The pure joy of being loved and of loving all the people in my life. I am a lucky girl.

Well, you also know by now that I also love fashion. My Mom told me I was particular about my clothing and shoes since an early age so I guess the writing was on the wall a long time ago. I did, however come into my career as a style writer later in my life, and for that I am grateful. Having experiences, with fashion and with life, makes me a better writer. So let's talk about some spring fashion, shall we? After all, there is a lot to love!

I was inspired to style for this shoot after seeing the Spring Trend Show at Neiman Marcus a couple of weeks ago. Fellow style blogger Kirsty of The Kirsty Files styled a pair of 7 For All Mankind Destroyed Sequin Skinny Ankle Jeans that I fell in love with. Toss that old notion that shiny, sequins, and metallics are for evening. They are for ALL the time. A pair of denim with gorgeous sequin details is a subtle bit of luxury that looks good no matter what you are up to.

The pair that I am wearing are from Zara, and I loved the block of sequins in the front and the slouchy boyfriend style. My favorite way to wear a boyfriend jean, which has a looser fit, is with heels. What better way to show off a boyfriend than in a girly way? I paired them with my Betsey Johnson Camo Heels because mixing patterns is a modern way to show some style. Here is a similar pair. 

The show at NM also showed silky camisoles layered over fitted turtlenecks and t-shirts, a look I love! I have this great silk backed t-shirt from J.Crew that I wore backwards to show off the pretty draping of the fabric, then layered my Winter Kate cami over the top of it. Of course, you do need to wear the half tuck to show off the great pattern on my belt. Funny side note: during the shoot a passerby stopped to let me know that my top was "half tucked in the front, in case I needed to fix it".  I had to tell him I did that on purpose. Hilarious!

I am in love with this metallic jacket by Divided that I got at H&M. It is going to be as great with sundresses this summer as it is with denim. It's time to shine in the daytime.

While we shooting for this post we noticed a policewoman in her car watching us. Krissi took her son Miles over to say hello and thank her for her service to our community, which I loved that she did. The policewoman offered to let Miles to sit in her car but he was too shy, so Krissi had me hop in. What better way to kick off 55 then by hanging out in a cop car in a tiara. The best! ;)

Have a wonderful week ~ The Birthday Girl xx

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”
― Roy T. Bennett


  1. Uplifting and inspiring article. Love the jacket. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! This birthday post is such a great celebration of your style and awesome attitude. You look great, every detail!

  3. Well happy birthday and you look fabulous at the shiny 55!


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