A Little Suede Style

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse
I consider suede to be an everyday luxury that is also a year round closet staple. A chic counterpart to leather, suede has a chameleon like ability to go from casual to glamorous, depending upon its use. Suede came into mainstream fashion during the 1930s, when the material was first used for women’s pumps and gloves.The luxurious softness and flexibility made it popular with the fashionable crowd and was definitely a defining element of 60s and 70s fashion. Today we wear suede any time of the year (weather permitting) and it continues to represent modern elegance. Here are some of my favorite pieces  that I consider closet essentials.

Suede Booties
While suede can represent a casual look as easily as one of dressier proportions, I think there is nothing like a suede bootie to elevate your style. I bought these pristine Isabel Marant Etoile Dicker Velvet Booties in gray from my friend Mary Bridget of MB Finds and have been high-fiving myself every since for my good fortune. Isabel Marant boots are iconic and with good reason: they are the epitome of the Parisian designer's bohemian chic roots. I paired them with my 3x1 Straight Leg Fringe Jeans that keeps the western vibe at bay and adds a cool chick vibe. A feminine layered ruffle peach colored blouse seems like the perfect pairing with the more rough and tumble denim. My Zara top is sold out, but this Endless Rose blouse is similar, although it is off the shoulder (also a great trend) instead of high neck.

I love a good suede jacket as much as the next girl, but Olivia Palermo had me at "cape". The Olivia Palermo x Chelsea 28 Trench Vest with a removable cape was one of my purchases last fall from her collection with Nordstrom. The soft gray color and unique form means it is a perfect right now with spring fabrics as it was last fall with my velvet jeans, making the case for investing in suede for all year wear. You can find this particular cape on sites like Postmark now, or go The RealReal for a gorgeous St. Laurent chocolate brown suede version.

Free People Bali Well Dressed Jacket

This Free People Bali Well Dressed Jacket with its cropped silhouette and exaggerated and embellished sleeve represents a modern version of a suede jacket. I picture this over a long black maxi sundress for the perfect amount of bohemian flare. If you want to make a statement with a more traditional piece, try a bold color suede jacket, like this Acne Studios Suede Bomber or this more wallet friendly BLANKNYC Morning Suede Moto Jacket that comes in several gorgeous shades.

I don't think that there are enough hours in the day to express my love for the long list of suede handbags there are out there. If I was forced to choose two in particular, they most certainly would be Chloe Faye Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag, and of course the iconic Saint Laurent Monogram pieces, including the brilliant blue shoulder bag pictured above, and the Large Quilted Suede Shoulder Bag. I also love a good suede tote, like this Madewell Suede Transport Tote in the most beautiful pinky clay color. It would make a great work or travel bag.

Rainy weather aside, suede really is a beautiful way to add that certain je ne said quo to one's wardrobe all year round.  ;) With all leather pieces, be it a handbag or boots, make sure to spray them with a good leather protector after you get them home. Invest in a suede brush and keep your pieces protected in their bags and boxes when you are not wearing them so they don't get transfer their color to other things or get damaged. I have used a tiny bit of white vinegar to dab at small stains with success, but mostly I am very diligent about caring for my pieces so they last.

Last but not least, I wanted to go off topic and share my love for Faris Jewelry. I asked for these LADYDAY earrings for Christmas and I cannot get enough of them. I have worn just one with a small stud in the other ear for a different take on them, or both to show off their oversized flower shape. I think they are the perfect spring accessory. Check out all of the amazing pieces from this local designer here. Happy weekend friends!


  1. Lisa, how heavy do those earrings feel? Are they wearable for a full day, or tug on your ears quite a bit?


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