ipad love

Today is the third day of owning my iPad and I am already feeling the love. Yesterday I joined the masses of people returning unwanted gifts and checking out sales in search of a functional yet fab case for it. It is so slim and lightweight I feared I would drop it and bounce it off the hardwoods. Plus, I want to stick it in my handbag and go. I did spent a bit of time online and read a great article on the coolest iPad accessories in New York Magazine--I recommend checking it out for fun ideas.
At the Mac store I bought the Michael Kors black patent case--it was perfect with its gold interior, full zip, and built in stand on the back.  Plus it matches my Yves Saint Laurent patent Downtown handbag and fits inside it as well.  I also picked up the connector for my camera since I take a lot of photographs with my little portable.  I hear that everyone is getting in on the iPad game--including Louis Vuitton--so look for new low & high end cases, bags & accessories coming out soon.
For spring/summer however, (and my birthday) I have my eye on the Gucci iPad case--who knew there would be a whole new world of accessorizing waiting for me.  Happy surfing.