espresso yourself

My inbox is getting bombarded with sales, sales, sales, and in addition, what is new for spring!  Yikes.  I know I should embrace this, but not there quite yet.  I am going skiing in two days, so my mind is very far away from strappy sandals.  I am thinking strappy sandals = frostbite at this point.
So, in keeping with the warm and cozy theme, I want to mention a new addition to our house that I am loving--and its not a puppy.  (sorry kids!)  Its our new Nespresso Citiz espresso machine & Aeroccino Plus automatic milk frother that the UPS man, um, I mean Santa brought.
My sister has a cool coffee/espresso maker that is similar and we have thought about getting one for several years.   A demo at Williams Sonoma sealed the deal.  The sleek design meant it would fit in my small 1920's kitchen, and the push button milk steamer/frother makes putting together a nonfat latte in about two minutes at home.  I love the convenient capsules, which are about fifty cents a piece--meaning I can kiss my $4+ a day coffee house habit goodbye.  Although I love my barista down the street, who knows my drink already and gets it going when he spots me, its sadly, time to break up.  An occasional social visit is all I am up for, I mean, we can still be friends, right?  In the meantime, with the money I am saving drinking my latte at home--well, before you know it I will be able to purchase those strappy sandals after all, guilt free.