The Suit Life: How To Wear A Plaid Suit

This time of year is like a fashion double header. You get to score on some major deals with all the summer sales, and fall fashion is hitting the stores for those of us that like to think a season ahead. This is beginning to sound like a post about baseball....but no.

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

I am really loving all the plaid for fall again this year, and I have been into all the matching sets too.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview and looked for a plaid suit, as well as separates. I ended up purchasing a few different pieces I could mix with what I have already, including two pieces from Topshop to make a suit, the Topshop High Waist Tapered Plaid Trousers and matching blazer. I also found this SEA Rowan Plaid Cuff Pants, (not on sale but fabulous) and the Tibi Mixed Check Blazer., with two checked prints and a belted waist. A very fresh way to wear a blazer. 

How do I love to wear a suit? With unexpected pairings that make something that is traditional feel more modern, and there is no easier way to do that than with a pair of sneakers. This Balanciaga pair is sold out but there is a similar pair here.  They don't have to be designer sneakers by any means; choose any pair that shows your personal style. Sneakers and suits are a sassy way to look chic all year long.

I also like to add something feminine to the masculine look of any suit. This gorgeous Zara Semi-Sheer Embroidered Top was a great little find that will go with so many things, from denim to black and, of course, pattern. The juxtaposition of the white embroidered detail of the blouse with the lines of the plaid make this look interesting and different. 

Introducing plaids into your fall wardrobe may not be a groundbreaking move, but how you wear this traditional pattern can be both modern and unique: add a neon turtleneck, a graphic tee, or feminine top and most importantly, break some rules. Look at the pieces you choose as part of the canvas of what you want to wear out, and you can transform basic pieces into stylish statements. And, have some fun while you are at it, because that is what fashion is all about.

I am off to Paris for this next week and will be giving my full report on what I saw and loved on the streets and in the shops. It is 108 degrees the day we I won't be rocking any plaid suits...yet.