This Life

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

The above photopgraph is probably one of my favorites that Krissi has taken in all the time we have worked together. I think that it embodies who I am perfectly. I have, at 56, a clear sense of self. It is a good feeling to love yourself, even though you know you are far from perfect. The past year has been a very challenging one for me. It has shown me my true strength and it has shown me who I can trust to have my back. You really never know where all the twists and turns of this life will take you. I take things a day at a time now, mindful of the gift of living in the moment and I have learned that happiness is not a permanent state, wholeness is. Plus, I am an eternal optimist, a “Pollyana” if you will. I truly believe things work out like they are meant to, even if it isn’t what you originally expected.

I think that women in their "mid-life" often talk about embracing aging and being happy with their sense of self and I think for me this is mostly true. Do I embrace aging? Yes and no. I don’t necessarily love seeing my mother look back at me when I look in the mirror ;) but I found my own way to be my best self. First and foremost, I have been doing Faster Way To Fat Loss for the past year and a half and in addition to losing 20 lbs I feel my strongest and healthiest of my life. It is a lifestyle that motivates me and also allows me to enjoy “real life”, aka cooking (which I love), eating what I like, having a favorite glass of bubbly.

Secondly, I am on team “self care”. Life is busy, so take the time to take care of yourself inside and out. Get that pedicure, go for a long walk with a friend, buy the new running shoes. I like to give myself little goals that when I meet, come with a small reward. It keeps me focused and the reward is a small but fun motivator to work towards. Think of it as a high five to yourself!

When I first started writing West Fulton Street it wasn't always easy for me to put myself out there in the Seattle fashion scene as a 50 something, but now I’ve got this. I like the challenge and the constant shift of things and I know that I am a valid voice. I actually never put limits on myself with my age and fashion, and you shouldn't either. Don't look at the lists of what to wear at what age, look at what you love, and wear it, damn it.

That being said, I really want to see the brands, shops and places I love to support use a more diverse set of models. In color, size and yes, age. I have thought this for a long time and it is finally time to say something. I love your things and I am happy to be spending my money in your shop, but I often can’t relate to your social media and branding because I don’t see myself. Where are the 40s, 50s and 60s ladies? We've got style, we've got taste and we have the money to spend. For me, I know what I love and I have got this fashion thing down. But not everyone is like me, and I can’t be the only one who thinks this. Mix it up people. You’ll reach a wider audience and I’ll love you for it all the more.

And now, let’s talk fall fashion.

It really is all in the details. Finding the unique can be a fun challenge, and locally owned shops, no matter where you are, are a good source for finding original pieces. Since Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is my family's special place, we know all the little shops and streets of this lovely spot in France. Once of our favorite stops is at the local artists co-op, which is where I discovered this unique ring, shown above. It serves as a lovely reminder of our beautiful spot, until we can be there in a longer capacity. TBD on that one. ;)

Also, I am a hat person. I found this Hat Attack Brady Fedora at local gem Sway and Cake here in Seattle, and fell in love with its neutral color and metallic braid trim. It comes in a gorgeous burgundy color with a black braid as well. You can check this shop out in Chophouse Row on Capital Hill.

I have been a having a leopard/plaid thing going on all fall in my closet. These are both prints that are not new to autumn dressing, but they seem fresher this fall than I have seen in a long time. My AFRM Rosaline Plaid Overcoat is sold out, but they have this awesome blazer, and I also love this LL Bean one. No one does plaid better. And these Madewell Checkered Wide Leg Pants are the bomb. I absolutely love the high waist and cropped leg to show off your shoes. Pretty much my favorite pants of the fall. I found these fun Chanel-like Embellished Biker Boots at Zara recently and will be wearing them cropped pants as well as tights and dresses. They really add a bit of rock-n-roll chic to the whole buttoned up business of plaid. I added a pop of blue with this J.Crew Collection cardigan to give it a bit of unexpected color.

Speaking of unexpected, how about switching up the plaid topper for a L'Agence Sequin Star Blazer? It is the perfect length and who doesn't love sequins in the daytime? I seem to be wearing some kind of leopard or animal print every day, and these rag and bone Aslen Cheetah Print Boots are on constant rotation. I can't do a lot of super high shoes and these are so comfortable, all day long. I highly recommend them.

I saw this quote recently on the Instagram of Laura Brown, the lovely, funny Editor in Chief of In Style Magazine. I thought it was perfect.

Never be cool.
Never try and be cool.
Never worry about what the cool people think.
Head for the warm people.
Life is warmer.
You’ll be cool when your dead.
Matt Haig

Thanks for reading~

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse