Kick Up Your Heels: The Sock Sneaker

Photo by Tamara Tremain

This time of year, I am in the mood to spice things up in my closet. I have been slowly purging things over the past month and now that my closet is a little more organized I can see what I have and what I may want to add. Although I love the winter sales for snagging that coveted piece I have been considering over the past year, I usually like to invest in things now that I can transition into the next season. I am loving all the cool shoes out there and after diving headlong into the sock bootie trend this fall and winter, I was excited to rock a sock sneaker next. 

The Loeffler Randall Scout Sneakers are a stretchy metallic-knit that make them one statement-making pair of kicks. They have a striped sock topper finished and a slight platform sole, giving them that certain je ne said quoi. These cool girl shoes look as great with a skirt or dress as they do with a pair of cropped flare pants. Plus, so so very comfortable! 

It is all in the details on these kicks, down to the tri-colored wavy soles! I rocked these babies with my rag and bone Jubilee sweater and skirt and they were perfect even in this crazy Seattle rain. 

Photo courtesy of goop

Apparently Gwyneth and I have the same taste, since I saw that she has featured these sneakers on her the shop goop section of her website by the same name.  So I guess that means we are besties now. Awesome! ;)

Although I have serious disdain for people that live in their workout gear every day (I get it, its get dressed!), I love the way athleisure wear has become a legitimate part of fashion. When done well, with creative design and interesting materials and construction, athletic inspired pieces are so versatile. Sure you can dress them down, but you can also mix your more feminine pieces, like a skirt or a blouse, for an unexpected but super chic look. With so many choices out there, it is easy to find a fun sneaker shoe that reflects your personal style. Remember, fashion is fun! Happy Friday! xx