Postcards From Paris: Street Style Report

I am back from a week in Paris where I was fortunate enough to spend time with my daughter in my favorite place in the world. It was magical, and I know that sounds so silly, but it is the only way to describe it. It is my fifth trip to the City of Light, and each time it becomes more familiar, more lovely, more magical to me. I can't wait to go back. 

The weather is much like Seattle, beginning my trip with crazy rain storms that changed into beautiful sunny evenings, and ending with 95 degree days that were steeped in humidity. Not exactly a place where air conditioning is common, I nevertheless told myself I was not complaining because I was in Paris. And what could be more lovely than that. 

During our time perusing the shops and walking the neighborhoods I took note of a few of the repeating trends in the hope that I could capture some of that Parisian chic upon my return. Here is my list of what I saw:

Director Theresa Wingert and my daughter Gracie wear the sneaker trend perfectly

Five years ago you saw Converse on everyone you saw, then the white Adidas took over and had their big moment. I still saw plenty of those, but more designers and companies have gotten into the sneaker game now. The popularity of athlesuire continues and with that come many cool sneaker choices. White sneakers still seem to rule over all. I am a big fan of sneakers and dresses in the summertime, which ups your style game but makes the look approachable. 

Shrunken Jackets
Moto jackets, denim jackets and more, the look was cropped and fitted. The fitted jacket feels very fresh looking to me, especially when many tops, sweaters and dresses are oversized. The close fit is sophisticated, even when it comes to denim pieces. 

Wide Leg Pants
This made me super happy since I had bought these Topshop Embroidered Leg Trousers at Nordstrom for my trip and love them! I actually traveled in them since they were both comfortable and chic. Wide leg pants were everywhere, both in cropped and full length styles. Also, striped wide leg pants were huge, and I have become somewhat obsessed. I did purchase these Alice + Olivia Paulette Striped Wide-Leg Pants before I left, so I am high fiving myself for having a bit of fashion foresight. :) 

Stripes, along with the scarf, are considered quintessential Parisian. They dominated the street style scene. Stripes were everywhere, on off the shoulder tops, blouses, t-shirts, dresses and pants. The blue and white striped top with a pair of army green skinny pants or wide leg denim showed the perfect casual chic. 

I think Bohemian is tricky. It can look like a costume if you aren't careful. The fringe, smocking, tassels and embroidery details are hallmarks of the boho look, but it is good to remember that one main piece with these details best tell your story. I found this great off the shoulder blouse at Intermix on sale, but I also love this one. Boho is also the perfect summer attire, and this is where we get into that territory of how the French know how to do things so much better than you and I. It is the art of being thrown together with the utmost care. The store Bimba Y Lola in Paris had cool girl boho pieces that were amazing, but I ended up with the below featured shoes...

High V Opening Shoes
The high V opening is definitely the hallmark of a super chic shoe. This style, also called a "glove fit", is showing up in pumps, boots and flats. The Bimba Y Lola Ballerina flat from this shop has this very look, which is why I bought them. And a pointy toe....always gorgeous. 

Wicker Handbags
Style icon Jane Birkin's wicker basket bag is the inspiration for the Lindroth Design Blue Small Birkin Basket, which I found on  I love the details of the stitched leather handle, and I saw versions of this bag in many of the boutiques and small shops we went into in Paris. You have to be ok with being casual about your belongings, because the handbag top fits loose, but that is part of its charm. It is not all buttoned up and structured but loose and free, just like summer.

Fringe and Unfinished Edges
From high end stores to small boutiques and fast fashion chains, unfinished and fringed edges rule. This sophisticated way of being a little bit undone is captivating because it breaks the rules. Cut off hems and torn fabric makes for interesting and unique, and I love it.

Dior at Musée Des Arts Décoratifs 

One of the highlights of the trip to Paris was visiting two fashion exhibits: Balenciaga at Musée Bourdelle, an absolutely gem of a museum built around the artist's studio and gardens. While we were there the 70th Anniversary of Dior Exhibition at the Musée Des Arts Decoratifis opened. Gracie and I attended the opening day of Dior and it was one of the most beautiful exhibits either of us have ever seen. It was especially exciting to walk the exhibit behind Anna Wintour, who was being toured by a small party and mingled among we mere mortals. My daughter even spoke to her, and she was far from The Devil. She was lovely to her.

The sales or soldes are regulated by the French government, and we happened to be in Paris during these fabulous sales. I spotted a pair of Fendi Pink Bug Flats in my size in the uber sale section at The Bon Marche and scooped them up. There is nothing more fun than finding an item you have coveted on sale in your size. It's the little things... ;)

Paris window shopping

Until we meet again, Paris. xx