Hello Summer!

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

Not long ago I attended an event where I was talking to an acquaintance and he commented that I "lead a charmed life".  I understood it to be a compliment, but the comment has stuck with me. I kept thinking about how each of us choose to be perceived through our social media, or lack thereof, our clothing, our writing and many other ways in which we share with the world something about ourselves. I always have said, "Well, I don't Instagram doing laundry", half jokingly, but then it made me think that maybe I should. The reality is I do have a charmed life, and I am grateful. But I also have many challenges too, like we all do.

This past month has been a true test of my strength. The needs of my both of my children have been great recently, and I have been challenged in the knowledge that while both of my kids struggles were different, they also were things that I had little power over. That is hard thing to swallow as a parent. I would do anything for my children. They are my life. My son has been battling a difficult case of mono, which has kept him from his final month of school and isolated both him and me. Not exactly something that you post on Instagram.

If anything this time has taught me that I need to trust my instincts. It has made me value my time with my children. It has forced me to slow down. If I have been disappointed by people that I had expected that I could count on the most, I have also been treated with kindness and thoughtfulness from unexpected places. It has taken this devastating time for me to understand that while some things remain out of my control, it is up to me to see the positive in this. It is time to look forward into the sunny summer months with a renewed sense of what a charmed life is. Family. Love. Strength. Positivity. Friendship. Grace. Gratitude.

And now onto something that always makes me happy....fashion.

This photoshoot was one of my favorites for several reasons. I had left my son home to sleep while Krissi and her son Miles and I, the usual gang of three that we are, dashed to the beach for photos. Miles busied himself collecting shells and beach treasures and found a special one for Oliver to help him feel better. There is something about the ocean that makes everything seem peaceful and balanced. And I love Krissi. She is a talented photographer, a long time friend. But her true talent lies in how she sees the world, with love and humor. She is one of a kind.

As is my style, I had a mix of high/low fashion that made this outfit very me. I had spotted this frayed denim online at Zara, but sometimes things don't translate quite as cool in real life. That was not the case with these jeans, which I was able to try on in the store and fell in love with! They have a mid rise waist and the fringed open fronts on the legs are awesome. I am not seeing my denim online currently, but this pair is very similar.

Because the denim is so distressed and casual, I like wearing a dressier top to play off as an opposite. A couple of weeks ago I visited Rizom, where Deborah Roberts, the designer of SILVAE, helped me pick out some things to wear for my anniversary dinner. I had to stop myself from buying out the store, but went back recently for this Nomia NYC Laced One Shoulder blouse, because I could not stop thinking about it.  It is the most beautiful creamy white and its simple chic style suited me perfectly.

My closet would not be the same without designer consignment. It has introduced me to labels and designers that are things I would not normally have either the access or the funds to own. I have learned so much about the beauty of well made clothing. I have worked for Mary Bridget Pehl of MB Finds for a very long time and am always amazed at her talent and eye for great things. An Hermès belt has been on my wish list, so when Mary Bridget got one in, in my size, I scooped it up. It was meant to be! :)

I live on Queen Anne in Seattle and walk along the main street every day with my dog, Henri. My friend and fellow fashion blogger, Kirsty of The Kirsty Files owns a lovely little shop with her husband, Queen Anne Frame and Gift. Kirsty buys the coolest things for the store and one of them was this hat. It sat in the window beckoning me each day and I finally went in and bought it. I don't think I have taken it off since. If you are a hat person like I am, a straw fedora is the perfect summer lid.

I am loving the denim on denim trend that is happening right now, and especially all the great summer shoes in denim. While I didn't have these Steve Madden Victorya Sandals on for very long on the actual beach, I wore them all day afterwards. The on trend round heel, embroidered details and wrap ties are spot on for summer dressing. I scored these babies at DSW and you can too!

Cheers to a healthy and happy summer! xx