Trend Reinvention: Past Trends in A Modern Wardrobe

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

There is an old fashion rule that states that once you have worn a fashion trend when it reemerges you shouldn't give it a second go round. Let's just get one thing straight, I don't believe in fashion rules. If most of us, even the younger of us, followed this "rule" than we would have nothing to wear, at least nothing interesting to wear. The best part about fashion trends coming round again is that they are almost always reimagined, and usually better. I am loving the revisiting of the 70s and 80s, even 90s this year. If there is one thing I have learned, getting dressed is way more fun if you wear what you love, and trying new things is all part of that process. Even if they are new takes on past trends.

Tweaking styles to work one's body type is important, and often it can take wearing a look in your own way to make it the most flattering. Real or imagined, I have never felt that I looked that great in a shift dress. I am a curvy girl and felt worried that a dress without a waist would make me look giant. I love the look of this iconic style fro the 60s and 70s, but haven't always thought it was best on me. But when this gorgeous SEA New York dress showed up at MBs Finds Designer Consignment, I was smitten. Plus, it had me at "pockets", which are essential in a great dress. Having a pattern in a shift dress takes away from the focus of its looser shape and gives the piece more life, so once I put on the dress, I felt awesome. Even though I consider myself fashion fearless, I too need to keep an open mind about what I think I can and can't wear. The most important thing is, do I feel great in it? If the answer is yes, wear it.

For this shoot I wanted to portray a retro vibe with a modern edge. The high collar of the dress definitely has that late 60s vibe, but the collar is pointed instead of Peter Pan round, and the edges of it are rough, not sewn in a perfect edge. A classic style reimagined in the details.

And speaking of the details, how about a modern take on a classic shoe to up the style game of this dress style? These Gucci Marmont fringed metallic cracked-leather loafer were a birthday present to myself, and can we just have a moment to feel the love for Gucci re-inagined? Gucci has long been iconic, but since under the direction of Creative Director Alessandro Michele the brand has evolved into a new phase of creativity. I had been looking at these loafers for so long. I put them in my shopping cart, took them out. Then one day I clicked "Buy" and it was a done deal. They look as amazing with this dress as with a pair of denim, elevating my outfit literally from the ground up. Talk about retro cool.

And what to do about this soggy, crazy weather? The seasons are changing so slowly this year. April in this part of the world is not winter, not quite spring, which means all my black clothing seems out of place and it is too cold to wear much spring. The answer for me is layering. Springy florals or pattern but with a jacket or long sleeves. Yesterday I pulled the brightest cashmere sweater I own in a brilliant coral and layered it over a striped man's shirt, which gave me the look of spring without freezing to death. Layers, people. Patterned, colorful layers. Or a great fringe coat over your springy dress. April showers do bring May flowers, remember?

The best part about seeing things reinvented from decades past? It is a second chance to try it out, to get it right, to make it yours. I love pulling things out of my old fashion playbook, like big belts, chunky heels, or even the Peter Pan collar and making them part of my part of what I like wear right now. The creative reinvention of fashion trends, of looking at things with a fresh eye, is at the heart of what fashion is all about.

I like to think of fashion trends as being like those sushi dishes that go around on the conveyor belt at the can pick your favorites, or let things pass, then when they come around again, you have a second chance to either go for it, or decide it is not for you! ;) Have a great weekend! xx