Fashion, Politics, and My Fifties

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

I have been writing my blog since 2008 now, and have been working as the fashion and style writer for Vanguard Seattle for over three years as well.  Time really does fly when you are having fun, and I am certainly having that. My writing style has evolved right along with my personal style and I have learned an unbelievable amount in the past few years. Learning about local based designers, international design houses, trends, the progression of style and processes of creativity continue to shape me as a writer and as a person.

I love being a style writer. Ever since Editors Sarah Caples and Trenton Flock hired me to write for Vanguard I have felt grateful to do what I love. It has been amazing to find work that feeds my soul. It has been important for me to show our two kids how it matters to do what you love and to find the things in life that make you, well, YOU. It is a continually process that I embrace.

I also have the distinction of being the oldest style writer in the greater Seattle area. Being in my mid-fifties is absolutely freeing, frankly, and most of the time I love it. Being older gives me more freedom to be myself. I have no angst about who I am as a person, and that in itself is worth a few wrinkles. Do I wish I had smoother skin or were a little less in need of a good filter for a decent Instagram photo? Sure. But I also know myself so well by now that I know I will never stop learning or changing. I feel lucky.

Being older also has given me perspective, although things can sometimes get skewed a bit. Working in my home office is really amazing. The space is beautiful and peaceful. But it can also be isolating being a freelancer. Not that I get to avoid the office politics, they just aren’t in an office anymore. They are at the trunk shows and the runway shows and the parties. The Instagram feeds and the Facebook posts can get at me sometimes even if I know that they have only one foot in reality. That’s when I walk my dog or call my Dad.

I love taking my almost 16 year old daughter to fashion events when I can and she loves going. Since she is just a visitor to my work world and she is young, she also has that uncanny ability to see all the cliques and the small snubs that happen from time to time.  People are people and they do these things, even when they are grown ups. It was disappointing to have her watch, yet the people I really want to spend my time with are part of an organic process that works itself out. Through what I do I have met so many generous, amazing people whom I admire and love. Kindness is always cool.

And speaking of cool, I spotted this beret at Scotch and Soda and was smitten with its fabulous brooches attached. I love a good hat, but it has been awhile since I have done the beret. Since navy and black are super chic, it was the perfect choice to add to my wardrobe. My Isabel Marant Étoile booties are the perfect year round shoe. They look good with my leather pants but will be great with white jeans or a dress in the warmer months. This pair is sold out but the Isabel Marant Étoile Dicker Suede Ankle Boot would be fantastic for any month of the year.

I thought it would be fitting to wear my Marc by Marc Jacobs coat with my Hillary shirt that was also designed by Marc Jacobs himself. I wore it with my Clare V. x Vogue clutch made especially for members of Vogue VIP. As I am a major fan of Clare V, it was worth it just for the gift of this cool navy suede and gold clutch to become a member. But there are other perks like special discounts, custom stationary, live chats with Vogue editors and more. Check out all the details for Vogue VIP here. 

Have a safe and happy week my friends, and do what you do best: be your lovely self. xx