Shine A Light

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

I have to confess that I have always loved wearing pieces during the daylight hours that are thought of as more appropriate as evening attire. Not ball gowns exactly, but tulle, lace, sequins and sparkly statement earrings can really take the blah out of a plain old Tuesday outfit. Let’s face it: the months of January and February can be dark and depressing…so why should you be? Shine a little light when there is none to be found and I guarantee it will not only lift your spirits, it might inspire you to step out of your comfort zone a bit.

This week Krissi had the awesome idea of doing our photo shoot in the grocery store, so that inspired me to style pieces in unexpected combinations. I love how we work together, and what's more fun than confusing shoppers in a Trader Joes by hanging around the organic produce with a photographer, a little boy, and a miniature shopping cart? Make your own fun, people.

While sequined and other glittery items are prominent in the stores during the holidays, post-holiday is a great time to pick up these sparkly treasures on sale. I thought this sequin t-shirt from H&M was a great way to jazz up a pair of my favorite jeans. Although this particular shirt isn’t available, you can find similar here and here.

My favorite way to wear a sequin piece is with it’s opposite—like a pair of worn in or distressed denim that make a cool contrast and will prevent you from looking like you never made it home from a great party the night before.  I continue to have a love affair with Frame Denim, and liked this particular pair because they have a slim leg but aren’t actually a skinny jean. And speaking of skinny jeans, I know the Internet has been abuzz with the so-called demise of this style but I don’t agree. I believe this silhouette will continue to be around and available, although it may have a reinvention of sorts at some point, as styles tend to do.

My go-to black heels are a pair of crackle-leather Miu Miu pumps, which are the glamorous workhorse of my closet. Black pumps really elevate your look in a chic way, especially with an on-trend pair of denim.  Miu Miu has to be one of my favorite designers, and their shoes are enchanting to say the least. This pair of patent leather pumps with buckles would also be gorgeous with this look, have a slightly lower heel for those that prefer that, and come in a sassy burgundy as well.  A pointy toe flat can also give you a similar glam appeal: I wore these Miu Miu Metal Cap-toe Loafers every day when we were in Paris last year. I am not kidding. Also, these Gucci Bayadere Slingback Flats are on my wishlist even without the pointed toe. To get the look for less, try this pretty pair of Shoes of Prey flats.

Mixing patterns is always fun, so I grabbed my Chanel-inspired Maguire topcoat to play off the sequins. The tweed pattern works well with the sparkly top due to a subtle gold thread that is woven into the fabric of the coat. Find similar here and here. I like the contrast of these the dressier coat with the denim, but a black oversized denim coat would also be super cool. And finally, the true work horse of my wardrobe, my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Tote. My husband gave this iconic bag to me for a milestone birthday and it can fit everything short of a small child in it if I choose, or it can be made smaller with a pull of the tassels on each side. In NYC I took note that everyone seemed to have a furry Fendi inspired fur charm hanging off their bags, and since the Fendi ones are over my price range, I chose an enchanting little pom-pom by Adrienne Landau. Its all in the details, right?

Miles and I high five after our grocery store adventure

Playing with pattern and unexpected combinations can give the pieces you have from your closet a new life, and I don’t know about you, but I always feel great when I make an effort to look great. A sequin top may not turn your regular trip to the grocery store into a rock concert, but why not shine a light wherever you go? Happy MLK and beyond.


  1. The coat is perfect for the look. I've only been to TJs three times this week, so bummed I missed the photo shoot!


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