Bewitched: A Grown-Up Look for All Hallows' Eve

Photography by Kirsten Beeksma Morse

This week Krissi and I walked through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, which is located just a half a block from my house on Queen Anne Hill. It seemed like the perfect spot for a Halloween themed shoot. Mount Pleasant is one of Seattle’s oldest burying places, and holds the remains and remembrances of 60,000 people over 40 acres. There is a lot of history in this cemetery, including Bertha Pitts Campbell (1889-1990), African American leader and founder of the black sorority Delta Sigma Theta, Asa Mercer (1874-1944), son of pioneer Aaron Mercer and nephew of the pioneer Asa Mercer of Mercer Girl fame, and Willam Bell (1817-1887) and his wife Sarah Bell (1819-1856), pioneers of early Seattle.

I really love cemeteries in part because they hold such fascinating history. Although the well-known people from Seattle are very interesting, I find the ordinary headstones with their ancient names and dates to be the most intriguing. When we walked the cemetery for our photo shoot the grounds showed off beautiful fall colors, views to the city below, and held old twisted trees that gave the place an enchanting personality. I wanted to be respectful of every part of this special place and at the same time show that there is beauty even in the most unlikely places.

Prior to my article for Vanguard Seattle on the effects of fast fashion, I had purchased pieces that I am wearing from Zara. While I can’t say I won’t shop at Zara ever again, I am making more thoughtful choices in the future about where I buy my clothing. That being said, these pieces show some to die for trends that I loved incorporating into my closet.

The Midi Length Lace Skirt and matching ruffle front Lace Top is gorgeously gothic in the spellbinding lace trend. The length of the skirt is perfect for showing off a pair of black booties, or in my case, the Zara Lace Up Heeled Shoes. The lace up shoe trend continues from spring into fall, and I am loving the block heels, which are not only perfectly on point, they are comfortable enough to run in should you be chased by some ghosts or goblins.

I am a big fan of coats and cool outerwear pieces--I like to change it up a lot. After all, why bother with a great look only to cover it up with a boring jacket? Interesting pieces like leather biker jackets and wool capes are the cure for the common coat. My Truth & Pride Perforated Leather Biker Jacket is from the Nordstrom sale a few years ago and it is a standout deep orange color, which was a shock to me when I went to pick it up after buying it online. Then I embraced it, finding it to be fabulous with neutrals, or even a little witchy by wearing it with all black. You can find a similar one here and here. The gray Truth & Pride Luna one is perfect for those of you that want to make a bit less of a loud statement.

My black Theory Danijo Structured Cape is one of my favorite fall coats. I love its zip up front and it's elegant look. It is super chic with a pair of long cashmere gloves. Mine is sold out, but this hooded one here is awesome. In fact, I wish mine had a hood.

Lastly, a great clutch makes your outfit complete; it is the “cherry on top” so to speak. I fell in love with Alexander McQueen’s De Manta Clutch a couple years ago, and last spring I purchased a black and white printed silk one. I find it completely enchanting. If you need your keys in a hurry this bag may be a challenge—the double zipper and magnetic corners make it a little harder to get into it quickly—but the incredible shape makes it worth suffering a little for fashion. This bag is iconic.

Whether you are hitting the costume parties or handing out candy at home, I hope this All Hallows’ Eve is frightful fun, and of course, fashionable.


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