Graceful Living

I have been writing in this blog since 2008 and a lot has changed over the course of time. My busy life has made my posts become less and less frequent, but I am about to change that. As many of you know over the summer I had some major
surgery and the recovery process kept me down and out for a few months. The upside to this rough period is it gave me a lot of time to think. Sometimes when forced to jump out of the rat race one can really gets a chance to get some perspective on things, and that is what happened to me.

My writing has been mostly fashion focused here on my blog, but I have kept my age out of the picture in my writing. Let's face it, fashion is very youth focused--almost everything is very youth focused in our society. I don't know why I kept this part of who I am quiet; maybe I feared that telling my readers that I was in my 50's would make my voice less relevant. I know now that this is not true, it is actually the opposite of that. My experience and my age do matter, in a good way, because this part of who I am has helped make me a better writer than I was ten or even five years ago.

I have the privilege of working for a very cool online arts and culture magazine, Vanguard Seattle, where I am their fashion and style writer. It is part of the reason that I have neglected my blog, which is my own fault, but working for these people has been the best experience of my life. Sure, during the monthly meetings I am the oldest person there by a lot, but to be honest, other than the dream of that perfect 20-something skin, I don't feel envious, just grateful. The magazine has opened up my world to so many cool things in our city and beyond. Who wouldn't be thrilled to have such a great job working with such talented people. It is a good place to be.

Moving forward, I am going to be working with a friend of mine who's photography I have admired for many years. Kirsten Beeksma Morse has agreed to help give my blog a sense of consistency, of beauty, and help me tell the story of dressing well. Her creativity, talent, and enthusiasm are just what I need to tell my story better, so I am again, grateful. I hope that these weekly posts will inspire you to try something new, discover some great fashion, and feel great about who you are.

I have had a few life experiences that have taught me that growing older is not a right, but a privilege, and you can do this thing any way you want to, so why not do it well? I am a person who loves stylish things and I am not afraid to tell you what I think. That is me in a nutshell. I know that chances are I am probably not going to be very good at growing old gracefully, I am too feisty for that. But living gracefully. That I can do.